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 JDC                 Japanese Digital Cellular system

JEDEC           Joint Electron Device Engineering Council

JFET                junction field effect transistor

JPEG               Joint Picture Expert Group (compression standard)

JTAG              joint test action group

KGD               known good die

KSIR               Kirchhoff’s surface integral representation

LAN                local area network

LAAS             local area augmentation systems

LAO                LaAlO3 (substrate)

LBC                linked boundary condition

LC                   inductor/capacitor

LCC                leadless chip carrier

LCD                liquid crystal display

LD                   laser diode

LDMOS          laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor

LEC                liquid encapsulated Czochralski (semi-insulating substrates)

LEO                low earth orbit (satellite)

LEP                 lumped element prototype

LHCP              left-hand circular polarization

LIDAR            light direction and ranging

LIGA              Lithographie, Galvanoformung und Abformung

(German: lithography, electroplating and molding)

LINC              linear amplification with nonlinear components

LMCS             local multi-point communications system

LMDS             local multi-point distribution system

LMS                least mean square

LMS                location and monitoring services

LNA                low noise amplifier

LNB                low noise block

LNBF              low noise block feed

LO                   local oscillator

LOS                line of sight

LPE                 low pass equivalent

LPF                 low pass filter

LPI                  low probability of intercept

LQI                 link quality indication

LRL                line-reflect-line (calibration)

LRRM             line-reflect-reflect-match (calibration)

LSB                 least significant bit

LSG                large signal gain

LSI                  large scale integration

LTCC              low temperature co-fired ceramic

LTCC-M         low temperature co-fired ceramic on metal core

LTI                  linear time invariant

LTP                 long term predictor

LTS                 long training symbol

LTSA              linear taper slot antenna

LUT                look-up table

 LVDS             low voltage differential signal