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 IBIC                interface bus interactive control

IBOC              in-band on-channel

IBW                instantaneous bandwidth

IC                    integrated circuit

ICI                  intercarrier interference

ICIR                intrinsic carrier-to-interference ratio

ICSP               in circuit serial programming (interface)

ICW                interrupted continuous wave

IDECM          integrated defense electronic countermeasures

IDFT               inverse discrete Fourier transform

IDL                 inductive loop detectors

IDT                 interdigital transducer

IEC                 International Electrotechnical Commission

IEP                  ideal electric plane

IF                    intermediate frequency

IFB                  indirect feedback

IFF                  identification friend or foe

IFFT                inverse fast Fourier transform

IFM                 instantaneous frequency measurement

IGBT               insulated gate bipolar transistor

IGFET             insulated gate field effect transistor

IIR                  infinite impulse response (filter)

ILA                 injection-locked amplifier

ILO                 injection-locked oscillator

IM                   intermodulation

IMD                intermodulation distortion

IMDN             Intelligent Mobile Data Network

IMEI               international mobile equipment identity

IMFET            internally matched field-effect transistor

IMP                 intermodulation products

IMPATT         impact avalanche and transit time

IMR                intermodulation rejection

IMSI               international mobile subscriber identity

INMARSAT   International Maritime Satellite consortium, London

INS                 inertial navigation system

INTELSAT     International Telecommunication Satellite consortium, Washington

IOR                 input-output ratio

IP                    Internet Protocol

IPBO               input power backoff

IPC                  Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits

IPD                 integrated passive device

IPS                  integrated power systems

IQ                    in-phase/quadrature

IR                    infrared

IR                    insulation resistance

IRA                 impulse radiating antennas

IRM                image reject mixer

IS-95               North American cellular standard

ISAR               inverse synthetic-aperture radar

ISB                  instantaneous stare bandwidth

ISDN              integrated services digital network

ISF                  impulse sensitivity function

ISI                   intersymbol interference

ISM                 industrial, scientific and medical (frequency bands)

ISO                 International Standards Organization

ITAR               International Trade in Arms Regulations

ITR                  interrogator

ITS                  intelligent transportation systems

ITM-2000      International Mobile Telecommunication 2000

ITU                 International Telecommunication Union

ITU-R             ITU Radio Communications Sector

 IVHS              Intelligent Vehicle Highway System