Microwave Journal

Technical Acronyms and Abbreviations

July 16, 2015

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AACI              alternative adjacent channel interference

AC                  asynchronous connectionless

ACA               anisotropic conductive adhesive

ACC               adaptive cruise control

ACIR              adjacent channel interference ratio

ACLR             adjacent channel leakage ratio

ACMPA          aperture-coupled microstrip patch antenna

ACP                adjacent channel power

ACPR             adjacent channel power rejection

ACPR             adjacent channel protection ratio

ACPW             asymmetrical coplanar waveguide

ACW               autonomous collision warning (system)

ADC                analog-to-digital converter

ADEOS           advanced Earth observation satellite

ADPCM           adaptive differential pulse-code modulation

ADS                 automatic debiting system (auto toll collecting)

ADSL               asymmetric digital subscriber loop

AEGIS             airborne early warning ground integration system

AESA              active electronically scanned array

AFH                adaptive frequency hopping

AFP                 automatic frequency planning

AGC               automatic gain control

AICC              autonomous intelligent cruise control

AM                  amplitude modulation

AM                  analog metal

AME               average model error

AMF               automated module fabrication

AML               amplitude modulated link

AMPS             Advanced Mobile Phone Service

AMR               adaptive multirate codex

ANA               automatic network analyzer

ANSI              American National Standards Institute

AO                  acoustic-optical

AOA                angle of arrival

AP                   access points

APC                American Personal Communications system

APD                analog predistortion

API                 application programming interface

APL                airport pseudolites

AR                  axial ratio

ARBF             adaptive radial basis function

ARM               antiradiation missile

ARMA             autoregressive moving average

ARDIS             Advanced Radio Information Service

ARFCN           absolute radio frequency channel number

ARO               active resonator oscillator

ARQ               automatic repeat request

ASAP              Airborne Shared Aperture Program

ASCII             American National Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASIC               application specific integrated circuit

ASH                amplifier-sequenced hybrid

ASK                amplitude shift keying

ASM               antenna switch module

ASTM             American Society for Testing and Materials

ASV                advanced safety vehicle (system)

ATC                air traffic control

ATDE             adaptive time domain equalizer

ATE                automatic test equipment

ATM               asynchronous transfer mode

ATM               air traffic management

ATPC              automatic transmit power control

ATR                antenna test range

AUC               authentication center

AVI                 automatic vehicle identification

AVL                automatic vehicle location

AVLN             automatic vehicle location and navigation system

AWG              arbitrary waveform generator

AWG              American Wire Gauge (standard)

AWGN           additive white Gaussian noise

 AWNV             all weather and night vision system 

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 BAW               bulk acoustic wave

BCB                benzo-cyclobutene

BCD                binary-coded decimal

BCH                broadcast channel

BCM               block-coded modulation

BER                bit error rate

BERT              bit error rate tester

BEM                boundary element method

BFL                 buffered field-effect transistor logic

BFN                 beam-forming network

BiCMOS         bipolar complementary metal-oxide semiconductor

BIFODEL        binary fiber-optic delay line

BIST                built-in self test

BJT                  bipolar junction transistor

BLOS              beyond line-of-sight

BNC                Bayonet Navy Connector

BNC                Bayonet N-type Connector

BOM               bill of materials

BOR                body of revolution

BPSK              bi-phase shift keying or binary phase shift keying

BSC                base station controller

BSE                 base station emulator

BSS                 base station system

BSS                 broadcast satellite service

BT                   bandwidth-time product

BTS                 base transceiver station

 BZ                   Brillouin zone 

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 C-AFM            calibrated atomic force microscope

C/A                 clear and acquisition code (GPS)

CAE                computer-aided engineering

CALLUM        combined analog locked loop universal modulator

CATV             community antenna television

CBCPS           conductor-backed coplanar stripline

CB-CPW         conductor-backed coplanar waveguide

CBS                cavity-backed slot

CCA                circuit card assembly

CCA                clear channel assessment

CCD                charge-coupled device

CCDF             complementary cumulative distribution function

CCK                complementary code keying

CCMT             computer-controlled microwave tuner

CCPR              co-channel power ratio

CDF                cumulative distribution function

CDMA             code-division multiple access

CDPD             cellular digital packet data

CE                   Conformite Europeene (European EMC standard)

CFC                chloroflourocarbon

CFR                Code of Federal Regulations

C/I                   carrier-to-interference ratio

C/I                   carrier-to-intermodulation ratio

CIC                 controller in charge

CIM                computer integrated manufacturing

CIR                 carrier-to-interference ratio

CMOS             complementary metal-oxide semiconductor

CMP                chemical-mechanical polishing

CMRF             combined mode resonator filter

CMRR            common mode rejection ratio

CMS                combined symbol matching

C/N                 carrier-to-noise ratio

CNC                computerized numerical control

CNR                carrier-to-noise ratio

CNS/ATM      Communication and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management

COFDM          coded orthogonal frequency division multiplex

COHO              coherent oscillator

COM               Component Object Model

COMINT          communications intelligence

CONUS            continental/contiguous United States

COPS              complex operations per second

COTS              commercial off-the-shelf

CP                   cyclic prefixes

CPCI               compact protocol control information

CPE                 customer premises equipment

CPFSK            continuous phase frequency shift keying

CPM                continuous phase modulation

CPS                 coplanar stripline

CPU                central processing unit

CPW               coplanar waveguide

CQFP              ceramic quad flat pack

CRC                cyclic redundancy check

CREAM           cosmic radiation effects and activation monitors

CRTSSDA      cascaded reactively terminated single-stage distributed amplifier

CSL                 coupled-slot antenna

CSM                combined symbol matching

CSMA/CD      carrier sense multiple access/collision detection

CSO                composite second order

CSP                 chip scale package

CSSDA           cascade single stage distributed amplifier

CT                   cordless telephone

CT-2                cordless telephones-second generation

CTB                composite triple beat

CTE                 coefficient of thermal expansion

CTM                conformal transformation method

CTR                common technical regulations

CVD               chemical vapor deposition

CVDL             continuously variable delay line

CVSD             continuously variable slope delta

CW                  continuous wave

 CWSA             constant width slot antenna 

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 DAB               digital audio broadcast

DAC               digital-to-analog converter

DAMA            demand-assigned multiple access

D-AMPS        Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service

DARPA          Defense Advanced Research Procurement Activity

DAQ               data acquisition

DAWS            Digital Advanced Wireless Service

DBF                digital beamforming

DBR                dual behavior resonators

DBS                direct broadcast service

DBS                direct broadcast satellite

DCFL              direct-coupled field-effect transistor logic

DCOM             Distributed Component Object Model

DCR                downconverting receiver

DCR                direct conversion receiver

DCS1800        digital communication system at 1800 MHz

DCXO              digitally compensated crystal oscillator

DDS                direct digital synthesis

DEBS              dynamic electronic bias system

DECT              Digital European Cordless Telecommunications (1880 to1900 MHz)

DECT              Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony (new name)

DESC              Defense Electronic Supply Center

DEVM             differential error vector magnitude

DF                   direction finding

DFB                distributed feedback

DFD                digital frequency discriminator

DF                   dissipation factor

D-FET             depletion-mode field-effect transistor

DFN                dual flat no-lead (package)

DFT                 design for test

DFT                 discrete Fourier transform

DGPS              Differential Global Positioning System

DGS                defected ground structure

DHBT             double-heterojunction bipolar transistor

DIFM              digital instantaneous frequency measurement

DIMM             dual in-line memory module

DIN                 Deutsche Industrial Norms (German standards agency)

DLRU             decoy launch/recovery unit

DLVA             detector log video amplifier

DMO               direct mode operation

DMOS            diffused metal-oxide semiconductor

DMR               dual-mode resonators

DMS               defected microstrip structure

DMSP             Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

DMT               digital multiplexed trunk

DMUX            demultiplexer

DNL                dynamic nonlinearity

DoA                 direction of arrival

DPCCH           dedicated physical control channel

DPD                 digital predistortion

DPDCH           dedicated physical data channel

DPHEMT         double heterojunction pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor

DPLL              digital phase-locked loop

DPSK              differential phase shift keying

DQPSK           differential quadrature phase-shift keying

DRFM             digital radio frequency memory

DRA               dielectric resonator antenna

DRO               dielectric resonator oscillator

DRRS             digital radio relay system

DS                   direct sequence

DSC                differential scanning calorimetry

DSM               derivative superposition method

DSO                digital storage oscilloscope

DSP                 digital signal processing

DSRC             dedicated short range communication

DSSS              direct sequence spread spectrum

DTCXO           digital temperature-compensated crystal oscillator

DTF                 distance-to-fault

DTH                direct to home

DTMF             dual-tone multiple frequency

DTO                digital test oscilloscope

DTO                digitally tuned oscillator

DTX                discontinuous transmission

DUT                device under test

DVB               digital video broadcasting

DWC               digital wireless communications

 DWDM           dense wavelength division multiplexing 

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EBG                electromagnetic bandgap

EBL                electron beam lithography

EBSD              electron backscatter diffraction

EC                   European Community

ECB                enhanced cellular base station

ECC                error correction code

ECC                embedded communication channel

ECL                emitter-coupled logic

ECM               electronic countermeasures

ECSD              enhanced circuit switched data

ED                   electrodeposited

E/D                  enhancement/depletion (mode)

EDA                electronic design automation

EDFA             erbium-doped fiber amplifier

EDGE             Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution

EDM               electronic discharge machining

EDR                enhanced data rate

EEA                EU and EFTA merge unit

EEC                European Economic Community

EEPROM       electrically erasable programmable read-only memory

EER                envelope elimination and restoration

E-FET             enhancement-mode field-effect transistor

EFIE               electric field integral equation

EGI                 embedded global positioning satellite inertial navigation system

EGP                effective ground path

EGPRS          Enhanced General Packet Radio System

EGSM             European Digital Extended Group Special Mobile

EHF                extremely high frequency (30 to 300 GHz)

EHTPS            extra high tension power supply

EIA/TIA           Electronics Industry Association/Telecommunications Industry Association

EIN                 equivalent input noise

EIR                 equipment identity register

EIRP               effective isotropic radiated power

EIS                  effective isotropic sensitivity

ELINT            electronic intelligence systems

EM                  electromagnetic

EMC               electromagnetic compatibility

EMF                electromotive force

EMI                 electromagnetic interference

EML                electroabsorption-modulated laser

EMR               electromagnetic radiation

EN                   European Norm (EMI regulations)

ENG                electronic news gathering

ENR                excess noise ratio

EPFD              equivalent power-flux density

EPROM          erasable programmable read-only memory

ERMES           European radio message system

ERP                 effective radiated power

ESD                electrostatic discharge

ESL                 equivalent series inductance

ESM                electronic support measure

ESMR             extended specialized mobile radio

ESR                 electron spin resonance

ESR                 equivalent series resistance

ESS                 environmental stress screening

ETACS            Extended Total Access Communications System (British cellular)

ETC                 electronic toll collecting

ETL                 embedded transmission line

ETRF              electronically tuned RF (filter)

ETS                 European Telecommunications Standard

ETSI                European Telecommunications Standard Institute

ETTM              electronic toll and traffic management

EU                   European Union

EUT                equipment under test

EUTELSAT    European Telecommunications Satellite

EUV                extreme-ultraviolet

EVM               error vector magnitude

 EW                  electronic warfare 

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FANS              future air navigation system

FAR                false alarm rate

FBAR             film bulk acoustic wave resonator

FBW               fractional bandwidth

FCA                flip-chip assembly

FCC                Federal Communications Commission

FCS                 frame check sequence

FDD                frequency-division duplexing

FDDI              fiber-distributed data interface

FDFD              finite difference frequency domain

FDM               frequency division multiplex

FDMA            frequency division multiple access

FDR                frequency domain reflectometry

FDTD              finite difference time domain

FEA                field emitter arrays

FEC                 forward error correction

FEM                finite element method

FEM                front-end modules

FEP                 fluoroethylene propylene

FEQ                frequency-domain equalizer

FER                 frame error rate

FET                 field effect transistor

FFI                  fixed frequency interleaving

FFO                 fixed-frequency oscillator

FFT                 fast Fourier transform

FGC                finite ground coplanar

FH                   frequency hopping

FHMA             frequency hop multiple access

FHSS              frequency-hopping spread spectrum

FIR                  finite-duration impulse response (filter)

FIT                  failures in time

FLC                 ferroelectric liquid crystals

FLOP              floating octal points

FLR                 forward looking radar

FM                  frequency modulation

FMC                fixed mobile convergence (service)

FMCW            frequency-modulated continuous wave (radar)

FO                   fiber-optic

FOBP              fractional out-of-band power

FPLMTS         Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication Systems

FPGA              field-programmable gate array

FRA                fixed radio access

FS                    free space

FSCS               frequency-selective conducting surface

FSK                 frequency shift keying

FSS                 fixed satellite service

 FSS                 frequency-selective surface 

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GaAs              gallium arsenide

GAM               Global Positioning System-aided munitions

GaN                gallium nitride

GBAS             ground-based augmentation systems

GBR                ground-based radar

GCPW            grounded coplanar waveguide

GEO                geostationary earth orbit

GFSK              Gaussian frequency shift keying

GLONASS     Global Navigation Satellite System (Russian)

GMDSS           Global Maritime Distress Signal System

GMSK             Gaussian minimum shift keying

GNSS             Global Navigation Satellite System (US)

GOT                gate oxide transistor

GPIB               general purpose interface bus

GPR                ground penetrating radar

GPRS              General Packet Radio Service

GPS                 Global Positioning System/Satellite

GSM               Global System for Mobile Communications

GSM-900       Group Speciale Mobile (European GSM)

GSO                geostationary orbit

G/T                  receive antenna gain divided by noise temperature

GTEM             Gigahertz Transverse Electromagnetic Mode (cell)

GTRD             generalized transverse resonance diffraction

 GUI                 graphical user interface 

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 HALT             highly accelerated life test

HARM            high speed anti-radiation missile

HAST              highly accelerated stress test

HBT                heterojunction bipolar transistor

HDI                 high density interconnect

HDSL             high-bit-rate digital subscriber line

HDTV             high definition television

HEMT             high electron mobility transistor

HEO                high elliptical orbit (satellite)

HFC                hybrid fiber/coax

HFET              heterostructure field-effect transistor

HFSS              high frequency structure simulator

HGA               high gain antenna

HIPERLAN    high performance local area network

HJFET             heterojunction field-effect transistor

HLR                home location register

HMIC             hybrid microwave integrated circuit

HPA                high power amplifier

HPBW             half power beam width

HPSK              hybrid phase shift keying

HSCSD            high speed circuit switched data

HSDPA            high speed downlink packet access

HSPA               high-speed packet access

HSUPA            high-speed uplink packet access

 HTS,HTSC     high temperature superconductor 

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 IBIC                interface bus interactive control

IBOC              in-band on-channel

IBW                instantaneous bandwidth

IC                    integrated circuit

ICI                  intercarrier interference

ICIR                intrinsic carrier-to-interference ratio

ICSP               in circuit serial programming (interface)

ICW                interrupted continuous wave

IDECM          integrated defense electronic countermeasures

IDFT               inverse discrete Fourier transform

IDL                 inductive loop detectors

IDT                 interdigital transducer

IEC                 International Electrotechnical Commission

IEP                  ideal electric plane

IF                    intermediate frequency

IFB                  indirect feedback

IFF                  identification friend or foe

IFFT                inverse fast Fourier transform

IFM                 instantaneous frequency measurement

IGBT               insulated gate bipolar transistor

IGFET             insulated gate field effect transistor

IIR                  infinite impulse response (filter)

ILA                 injection-locked amplifier

ILO                 injection-locked oscillator

IM                   intermodulation

IMD                intermodulation distortion

IMDN             Intelligent Mobile Data Network

IMEI               international mobile equipment identity

IMFET            internally matched field-effect transistor

IMP                 intermodulation products

IMPATT         impact avalanche and transit time

IMR                intermodulation rejection

IMSI               international mobile subscriber identity

INMARSAT   International Maritime Satellite consortium, London

INS                 inertial navigation system

INTELSAT     International Telecommunication Satellite consortium, Washington

IOR                 input-output ratio

IP                    Internet Protocol

IPBO               input power backoff

IPC                  Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits

IPD                 integrated passive device

IPS                  integrated power systems

IQ                    in-phase/quadrature

IR                    infrared

IR                    insulation resistance

IRA                 impulse radiating antennas

IRM                image reject mixer

IS-95               North American cellular standard

ISAR               inverse synthetic-aperture radar

ISB                  instantaneous stare bandwidth

ISDN              integrated services digital network

ISF                  impulse sensitivity function

ISI                   intersymbol interference

ISM                 industrial, scientific and medical (frequency bands)

ISO                 International Standards Organization

ITAR               International Trade in Arms Regulations

ITR                  interrogator

ITS                  intelligent transportation systems

ITM-2000      International Mobile Telecommunication 2000

ITU                 International Telecommunication Union

ITU-R             ITU Radio Communications Sector

 IVHS              Intelligent Vehicle Highway System 

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 JDC                 Japanese Digital Cellular system

JEDEC           Joint Electron Device Engineering Council

JFET                junction field effect transistor

JPEG               Joint Picture Expert Group (compression standard)

JTAG              joint test action group

KGD               known good die

KSIR               Kirchhoff’s surface integral representation

LAN                local area network

LAAS             local area augmentation systems

LAO                LaAlO3 (substrate)

LBC                linked boundary condition

LC                   inductor/capacitor

LCC                leadless chip carrier

LCD                liquid crystal display

LD                   laser diode

LDMOS          laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor

LEC                liquid encapsulated Czochralski (semi-insulating substrates)

LEO                low earth orbit (satellite)

LEP                 lumped element prototype

LHCP              left-hand circular polarization

LIDAR            light direction and ranging

LIGA              Lithographie, Galvanoformung und Abformung

(German: lithography, electroplating and molding)

LINC              linear amplification with nonlinear components

LMCS             local multi-point communications system

LMDS             local multi-point distribution system

LMS                least mean square

LMS                location and monitoring services

LNA                low noise amplifier

LNB                low noise block

LNBF              low noise block feed

LO                   local oscillator

LOS                line of sight

LPE                 low pass equivalent

LPF                 low pass filter

LPI                  low probability of intercept

LQI                 link quality indication

LRL                line-reflect-line (calibration)

LRRM             line-reflect-reflect-match (calibration)

LSB                 least significant bit

LSG                large signal gain

LSI                  large scale integration

LTCC              low temperature co-fired ceramic

LTCC-M         low temperature co-fired ceramic on metal core

LTI                  linear time invariant

LTP                 long term predictor

LTS                 long training symbol

LTSA              linear taper slot antenna

LUT                look-up table

 LVDS             low voltage differential signal 

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 MAC               medium access control

MAFET           Microwave and Analog Front End Technology project

MBA               multi-beam antenna

MBE               molecular beam epitaxy

MBOA            Multiband OFDM Alliance

MB-OFDM     multiband orthogonal division modulation

MBPA             multi-beam phased array

MCE               manufacturing cycle efficiency

MCF               message communication function

MCL               microstrip constrained lens

MCM              multi-carrier modulation

MCM              multi-chip module

MCM-C          multi-chip module with co-fired substrate

MCM-D          multi-chip module with deposited substrate

MCPA             multi-carrier power amplifier

MCPW            microstrip coplanar waveguide

MCSSS          multi-coupled suspended substrate stripline

MCT                metal-oxide semiconductor-controlled thyristor

MDS                multi-point distribution system

MEADS           medium extended air defense system

MEMS             microelectromechanical system

MESFET         metal-semiconductor field effect transistor

MEO               medium earth orbit (satellite)

MFGC             micromachined finite ground coplanar

MIC                microwave integrated circuit

MIC                monolithic integrated circuit

MID                molded interconnect device

MIDAS           multiple integration and defense communications satellite network

MIM                metal-insulator-metal (capacitor)

MIMIC            Millimeter-wave and Microwave Integrated Circuit (R&D program)

MIMO             multiple input multiple output

MIPS              million instructions per second

MIR                microwave impulse radar

MLA               microwave link analyzer

MLB               multi-layer board

MLC               main lobe clutter

MLCM            multilevel coded modulation

MLDD             matched-line directional divider

MMC              metal-matrix composite

MMCA           microwave multi-chip assembly

MMDS            multi-channel multi-point distribution system

MMI                man-machine interface

MMI                multimedia interface

MMIC             microwave monolithic integrated circuit

MMW             millimeter wave

MOCVD         metal-organic chemical vapor deposition

MOCT             multi-order cancellation technique

MODEM          modulator/demodulator

MODFET        modulation-doped field effect transistor

MoM               method of moments

MOS               metal-oxide semiconductor

MPA               microstrip patch antenna

MPE                maximum permissible exposure

MPEG             Motion Picture Experts Group

MPIE              mixed potential integral equation

MPM               microwave power module

MPSK             multiple phase-shift keying

MQAM            M-order quadrature amplitude modulation

MQW              multi-quantum well

MQW-FP        multi-quantum well Fabry-Perot optical transmitter

MS                  mobile station

MSB                most significant bit

MSBVW          magneto-static backward volume waves

MSC                mobile switching center

MSFVW          magneto-static forward volume waves

MSG               maximum stable gain

MSI                 medium scale integration

MSK               minimum shift keying

MSMT             micro surface-mount technology

MSOP             mini(micro) small outline package

MSS                mobile satellite system (service)

MSSW             magneto-static surface waves

MSW               magnetostatic wave

MTA               microwave transition analyzer

MTBF             mean time between failures

MTD               moving target detection

MTI                 moving target indicator

MTTF              mean time to failure

MTTR             mean time to repair

MU                  minimum stability factor

MUNDI           multiplexed network for distributed and interactive services (UK)

MUX               multiplexer

MVDS             multi-point video distribution system

 MWBIST         millimeterwave built-in self test 

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 NADC            North American Dual-Mode (or Digital) Cellular     

NA                  numerical aperture

N-AMPS         Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System

NAVSTAR     Navigational Satellite Timing and Ranging system

NBW               noise bandwidth

NEC                numerical electromagnetic code

NEMA            National Electrical Manufacturers Association

NEMS             nanoelectromechanical systems

NFA                noiseless feedback amplifier

NGA               noise gain analyzer

NGSO             nongeostationary orbit

NHPIS            near-horizon partial isotropic sensitivity

NHPRP           near-horizon partial radiated power

NIC                 network interface card (WLAN)

NIST               National Institute of Standards and Technology

NMC               network management center

NMOS            n-channel metal-oxide semiconductor

NMR               nuclear magnetic resonance

NMSE             normalized mean square error

NMT               Nordic Mobile Telephone system

NODS             near obstacle detection system

NPR                noise power ratio

NPRM             notice of proposed rule making

NQR               nuclear quadruple resonance

NRZ                nonreturn to zero

NSA                normalized site attenuation

NSOM             near-field scanning optical microscopy

NSSN              National Standards System Network

 NTSC              National Television Systems Committee 

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 OAD               optical admittance diagram

OATS              open area test site

OBU               on board unit

OCDMA         orthogonal code-division multiple access

OCPAR          optically controlled phased-array radar

OCXO             oven-controlled crystal oscillator

ODU               outdoor unit (wireless)

OEIC              optoelectronic integrated circuit

OEM               original equipment manufacturer

OFDM             orthogonal frequency division multiplex

OFDMA          orthogonal frequency division multiple access

OFHC             oxygen free high conductivity (copper)

OFS                 operational fixed service

OHI                 one horn interferometer

OMC               operations and maintenance center

OMI                optical modulation index

OMT               orthogonal mode transducer

OOK               on-off keying

OPBO             output power backoff

OPIP               output power intercept point

OPLL              optical phase locked loop

OQPSK          offset quadrature phase-shift keying

ORFS              output RF spectrum

OSI                 open systems interconnection

OTDR             optical time domain reflectometer

OTH                over the horizon

 OVSF              orthogonal variable spreading factor 

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 PA                   power amplifier

PAA                phased-array antenna

PABX             private automatic branch exchange

PAC                perceptual audio coder

PACS              personal access communications system (US version of PHS)

pACT              personal air communications technology

PAE                power-added efficiency

PAL                programmable array logic

PAL                phase-alternation line (video)

PAM               pulse amplitude modulation

PAMR             Public Access Mobile Radio

PAN                public access network

PAPR              peak-to-average power ratio

PAR                peak-to-average ratio

PBG                photonic band-gap

PBX                private branch exchange

PCI                  peripheral component interconnect (bus)

PCIA               Personal Communication Industry Association

PCM                pulse code modulation

PCM                process control monitor

PCMCIA         Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PCN                personal communications network

PCS                 personal communication service

PCU                power conditioning unit

PD                   predistortion

PD                   pulsed Doppler

PDA                personal digital assistant (portable computing)

PDC                personal digital cellular

PDF                 probability distribution function

PDH                plesiochronous-digital hierarchy

PDIP               plastic dual-in-line package

PDO                packet data optimized

PDR                polarization discrimination ratio

PDS                 power density spectrum

PEBB              power electronic building blocks

PEC                 perfect electrical conducting

PECL              positive/pseudo emitter-coupled logic

PECVD           plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition

PEEC              partial element equivalent circuit

PEI                  phase equal insertable

PEM                plastic encapsulated microcircuits

PEP                 primary entry point

PEP                 peak envelope power

PER                 packet error rate

PFD                 phase/frequency discriminator

PHEMT           pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor

PHP                 personal handyphone, JPHP (Japan,1895.15-1905.15 MHz)

PHS                 personal handyphone system (Japan)

PHY                physical layer (WLAN)

PIC                  photonic integrated circuit

PIC                  programmable integrated circuit

PIFA               planar inverted-F antenna

PIM                 passive intermodulation

PIN                 positive-intrinsic-negative (diode junction)

PLCC              plastic leaded chip carrier (molded plastic)

PLD                programmable logic device

PLD                pulsed laser deposition

PLF                 polarization loss factor

PLL                 phase-locked loop

PLMN             private land mobile network

PM                  phase modulation

PM                  polarization-maintaining (optical fiber)

PMC                perfect magnetic conducting

PMD               polarization mode dispersion

PML                perfectly matched layer

PMOS             positive metal oxide semiconductor

PMR                Private Mobile Radio

PN                   pseudorandom noise

PNF                 planar near-field (range)

PON                passive optical network

POCSAG        Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group (paging)

POF                 plastic optical fiber

POFS              private operational fixed service

POS                 Post Office Protocol

POTS              plain old telephone service

PPM                periodic permanent magnet (focused)

PPM                pulse position modulation

PPS                 precise positioning service (GPS)

PPV                 perturbation projection vector

PQFP              plastic quad flat pack

PR                   pseudorange

PRBS              pseudorandom binary or bit sequence

PRF                 pulse repetition frequency

PRN                pseudorandom noise

PROM             programmable read-only memory

PRT                 planar resistor technology

PSA                 polysilicon self-aligned (bipolar transistor)

PSD                 power spectral density

PSK                 phase shift keying

PSMM             pilot strength measurement message

PSTN              public switched telephone network

PTFE               polytetrafluoroethylene

PTH                 plated-through hole

PTMA             planar printed triangular monopole antenna

PTO                 public telecommunications operator

PTT                 post, telephone and telegraph (Europe)

PWM               pulse width modulation

 P1dB               power 1 dB compression point 

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 QAM               quadrature (quaternary) amplitude modulation

QFN                quad flat no-lead (package)

QIFM              quadrature intermediate frequency mixer

QoS                 quality of service

QPSK              quadrature phase shift keying

QRNS             quadratic residue number system

QSOP              quality small outline package

QWIP              quantum well infrared photodetector

 QWR               quarter wave rule 

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 R | S | T | U | V | W | X Y Z #


 RACH             random access channel

RADAR          radio detection and ranging

RAIM             receiver autonomous integrity monitoring (GPS)

RAM               radar-absorbing material

RAM               random access memory

RAP                radar-absorbing paint

RAS                radio astronomy synthesis

RBC                radiation boundary conditions

RBER             residual bit error ratio

RBS                radio base station

RBW               resolution bandwidth

RCS                radar cross section

RDS                radio data system

RELP              residually excited linear predictive coder

RF                   radio frequency

RFID               radio frequency identification

RFMU             radio frequency monitoring unit

RFS                 radio frequency simulator

RHCP             right-hand circular polarization

RIE                 reactive ion etch

RIN                 relative intensity noise

RISC               reduced instruction set computing

RL                   rotating linear (antenna pattern)

RLL                radio local loop

RMS                root mean square

RNSS              radio navigation satellite service

RoHS              Restriction of Hazardous Substances (European Union)

ROTHR           relocatable over-the-horizon radar

RP                   range processor

RPT                 Radiated Performance Test

RRC                raised-root cosine

RRE                radar range equation

RSL                 received signal level

RSR                responder

RSSI               received signal strength indicator

RSU                roadside unit (auto toll collecting)

RTD                resistance-temperature detector (probe)

RTD                round trip delay

RwoH             reliability without hermeticity

RWR               radar warning receiver

RX                  receiver/receive

 RZ                   return to zero 

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 SA                   selective availability (GPS error introduction/correction)

SAR                synthetic-aperture radar

SAR                search and rescue

SAR                specific absorption rate

SAT                 supervisory audio tone

SATCOM       satellite communication  (Satellite Communications Agency, Department of Defense)

SAW               surface acoustic wave

SBAS              satellite-based augmentation system

SBN                single sideband phase noise

SCCM             single channel carrier modulation

SCFL              source-coupled field-effect transistor logic

SCO                synchronous connection orientated

SCPI               Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments

SCR                semiconductor-controlled rectifier

SCSI               small computer standard/system interface

SDARS           Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services

SDD                symbolically defined device

SDH                synchronous digital hierarchy (European telecommunication)

SDLA             successive detection log amplifier

SDMA            spatial-division multiple access

SDR                software-defined radio

SDRAM          synchronous dynamic random access memory

SEAD             suppression of enemy air defenses

SEM                scanning electron microscope

SEM                singularity expansion method (radar)

SES                 severely errored seconds

SFD                 start of frame delimiter

SFDR              spur-free dynamic range

SGLS              space ground link system

SHF                 super high frequency

SI                    semi-insulating

SIC                  selectively implanted collector

SIG                 Special Interest Group

SIGINT                       signal intelligence

SIM                 subscriber identity module

SINAD            signal-to-noise and distortion (ratio)

SINR               signal to interference plus noise ratio

SIP                  single inline package

SIR                  signal to interference ratio

SIR                  stepped impedance resonator

SIS                  signal in space

SISO               single input single output

SLE                 satellite link emulator

SLM                spatial light modulator

SMI                 sample matrix inversion

SMP                subminiature push-on (connector)

SMP                surface-mount package

SMR                specialized mobile radio

SMS                short message service

SMT                surface mount technology

SNA                scalar network analyzer

SNIR               signal-to-signal plus interference ratio

SNR                signal-to-noise ratio

SOA                safe operating area

SOC                silicon on ceramic

SoC                 system on chip

S-OFDMA      scalable OFDM access

SOI                 silicon on insulator

SOIC               small outline integrated circuit

SOLR              short-open-line-reciprocal (calibration)

SOLT              short-open-load-thru (calibration)

SONET           synchronous optical network (US telecommunications)

SOP                 system-on-a-package

SOT                 small outline transistor

SP3                  third-order suppression

SPC                 statistical process control

SPI                  serial peripheral interface

SPIE                Society of Photo-optical Instrument Engineers

SPRE              satellite position reporting equipment

SPS                 standard positioning service (GPS)

SPUDT            single-phased unidirectional transducer

SRAM             static random access memory

SRF                 series resonant frequency

SS                    spread spectrum

SSB                 single sideband

SSBW             surface skimming bulk wave

SSD                 simultaneous signal detection

SSG                 small signal gain

SSI                  small scale integration

SSOP              shrink small outline package

SSOT              shrink small outline transistor

SSPA              solid-state power amplifier

SSPE               single solid-phase epitaxy

SSR                 surface search radar

SSS                 suspended substrate stripline

STALO             stable local oscillator

STM                synchronous transport module (1 STM = 155 Mbps)

STOVL            short takeoff, vertical landing (aircraft)

STW                surface transverse wave

SWAP             shared wireless access protocol

SWF                slow-wave factor

SWR               standing wave ratio

 SWS                slow wave structure 

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 TAB                tape-augmented bonding/tape automated bonding

TACAN           tactical air navigation system

TACS              Total Access Communications System

TAG                technical advisory group

TARD             towed active radar device

TASH              tapered area small helix

TBCCO          thallium barium calcium copper oxide

TCAS              Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System

TCC                temperature coefficient of capacitance

TCE                 thermal coefficient of expansion

TCH                traffic channel

TCM                trellis-coded modulation

TCR                temperature coefficient of resistance

TCXO             temperature-compensated crystal oscillator

TDD                time division duplex

TDD                time domain duplex

TDDB             time dependant dielectric breakdown

TDMA             time-division multiple access

TDMQPSK     time division multiplex quadrature phase shift keying

TDNN             tapped delay neural network

TD-SCDMA   time division – synchronous code division multiple access

TDWR            terminal Doppler weather radar

TE                   transverse electric

TEC                 thermal electric cooler

TEM                transverse electromagnetic

TETRA           trans-European trunked radio (old name)

TETRA           terrestrial trunked radio (new name)

TFC                 time-frequency code

TFI                  time-frequency interleaving

TFM                tamed frequency modulation

TFT                 thin-film transistor/technology

TFTS               terrestrial flight telephone system

TIS                  total isotropic sensitivity

TLM                transmission line matrix

TM                  transverse magnetic

TMA               thermomechanical analysis

TMN               telecommunication management network

TOI                 third-order intercept (point)

T/R                  transmit/receive

TRAC             Technical Regulations Application Committee(of ETSI)

TRAM             transimpedance amplifier

TRP                 Technology Reinvestment Program (NIST)

TRP                 total radiated power

TRL                 thru-reflect-line (calibration)

TRP                 total radiated power

TRX                transceiver

TS                    timeslot

TSA                 tapered slot antenna

TSOP              thin small outline package

TSS                 tangential signal sensitivity

TTD                 true time delay

TTL                 transistor-transistor logic

TVRO             television receive only

TWDA            traveling wave distributed amplifier

TWTA             traveling-wave-tube amplifier

 TX                   transmit/transmitter 

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 UART             universal asynchronous receiver transmitter

UAV               unmanned aerial vehicles

UBM               under bump metallization

UC-PBG        uniplanar compact photonic bandgap

UDM               user-defined models

UFMOP         unintentional frequency modulation on pulse

UIM                uniform impedance resonator

UM                  unintentional modulation

UMTS             Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (Europe)

U-NII               Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure

UPH                units per hour

UPS                uninterruptible power supply

UPT                 universal personal telecommunications

URE                user range error

USAT              ultra-small aperture terminals

USB                Universal Serial Bus

USB                upper sideband

USML             Untied States Munitions List

UTC                Universal Time, Coordinated

 UWB               ultrawideband 

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 R | S | T | U | V | W | X Y Z #

V2V               vehicle-to-vehicle
V2X               vehicle-to-everything

VANA            vector automatic network analyzer

VBW               video bandwidth

VCO               voltage-controlled oscillator

VDS                vehicle detection system

VDU               video display unit

VGA               variable gain amplifier

VHDL             very high speed IC description language

VISA              virtual instrument software architecture

VLR                visitor location register

VLSI               very large scale integration

VMEbus        versa module Eurocard computer bus

VNA               vector network analyzer

VOFDM         vector orthogonal frequency division multiplex

VPN                virtual private networks

VSA                vector signal analyzer

VSAT              very small aperture terminal

VSB                vestigial side band modulation

VSB                VMEbus subsystem bus

VSWR            voltage standing wave ratio

VVA               voltage-variable attenuator

 VXIbus          VMEbus extension for instrumentation 

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 R | S | T | U | V | W | X Y Z #


 WAAS            wide area augmentation system (GPS ground based)

WADSP         wideband acquisition/digital signal processing

WAN              wide area network

WAP               Wireless Application Protocol

WBG               wide bandgap

WBMCS         wireless broadband multimedia communications systems

W-CDMA       wideband code division multiple access

WCS               wireless communication services

WDM              wavelength division multiplexing

WDDM           wavelength division demultiplexing

WEP                wired equivalent privacy

WiMAX           Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

WLAN             wireless local area network

WLL                wireless local loop

 WPAN             wireless personal area network 

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 XFCB             extra-fast complementary bipolar

XPD                cross polarization discrimination

XPIC               cross polar interference canceller

XPOL             cross-polarization level

YAG               yttrium aluminum garnet

YBCO             yttrium barium copper oxide

YIG                 yttrium iron garnet

YTO                YIG-tuned oscillator

2DEG              two-dimensional electron gas

3G                   third generation

3GPP              Third-generation Partnership Project

4G                   forth generation

5G                   fifth generation