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 BAW               bulk acoustic wave

BCB                benzo-cyclobutene

BCD                binary-coded decimal

BCH                broadcast channel

BCM               block-coded modulation

BER                bit error rate

BERT              bit error rate tester

BEM                boundary element method

BFL                 buffered field-effect transistor logic

BFN                 beam-forming network

BiCMOS         bipolar complementary metal-oxide semiconductor

BIFODEL        binary fiber-optic delay line

BIST                built-in self test

BJT                  bipolar junction transistor

BLOS              beyond line-of-sight

BNC                Bayonet Navy Connector

BNC                Bayonet N-type Connector

BOM               bill of materials

BOR                body of revolution

BPSK              bi-phase shift keying or binary phase shift keying

BSC                base station controller

BSE                 base station emulator

BSS                 base station system

BSS                 broadcast satellite service

BT                   bandwidth-time product

BTS                 base transceiver station

 BZ                   Brillouin zone