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EBG                electromagnetic bandgap

EBL                electron beam lithography

EBSD              electron backscatter diffraction

EC                   European Community

ECB                enhanced cellular base station

ECC                error correction code

ECC                embedded communication channel

ECL                emitter-coupled logic

ECM               electronic countermeasures

ECSD              enhanced circuit switched data

ED                   electrodeposited

E/D                  enhancement/depletion (mode)

EDA                electronic design automation

EDFA             erbium-doped fiber amplifier

EDGE             Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution

EDM               electronic discharge machining

EDR                enhanced data rate

EEA                EU and EFTA merge unit

EEC                European Economic Community

EEPROM       electrically erasable programmable read-only memory

EER                envelope elimination and restoration

E-FET             enhancement-mode field-effect transistor

EFIE               electric field integral equation

EGI                 embedded global positioning satellite inertial navigation system

EGP                effective ground path

EGPRS          Enhanced General Packet Radio System

EGSM             European Digital Extended Group Special Mobile

EHF                extremely high frequency (30 to 300 GHz)

EHTPS            extra high tension power supply

EIA/TIA           Electronics Industry Association/Telecommunications Industry Association

EIN                 equivalent input noise

EIR                 equipment identity register

EIRP               effective isotropic radiated power

EIS                  effective isotropic sensitivity

ELINT            electronic intelligence systems

EM                  electromagnetic

EMC               electromagnetic compatibility

EMF                electromotive force

EMI                 electromagnetic interference

EML                electroabsorption-modulated laser

EMR               electromagnetic radiation

EN                   European Norm (EMI regulations)

ENG                electronic news gathering

ENR                excess noise ratio

EPFD              equivalent power-flux density

EPROM          erasable programmable read-only memory

ERMES           European radio message system

ERP                 effective radiated power

ESD                electrostatic discharge

ESL                 equivalent series inductance

ESM                electronic support measure

ESMR             extended specialized mobile radio

ESR                 electron spin resonance

ESR                 equivalent series resistance

ESS                 environmental stress screening

ETACS            Extended Total Access Communications System (British cellular)

ETC                 electronic toll collecting

ETL                 embedded transmission line

ETRF              electronically tuned RF (filter)

ETS                 European Telecommunications Standard

ETSI                European Telecommunications Standard Institute

ETTM              electronic toll and traffic management

EU                   European Union

EUT                equipment under test

EUTELSAT    European Telecommunications Satellite

EUV                extreme-ultraviolet

EVM               error vector magnitude

 EW                  electronic warfare