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AACI              alternative adjacent channel interference

AC                  asynchronous connectionless

ACA               anisotropic conductive adhesive

ACC               adaptive cruise control

ACIR              adjacent channel interference ratio

ACLR             adjacent channel leakage ratio

ACMPA          aperture-coupled microstrip patch antenna

ACP                adjacent channel power

ACPR             adjacent channel power rejection

ACPR             adjacent channel protection ratio

ACPW             asymmetrical coplanar waveguide

ACW               autonomous collision warning (system)

ADC                analog-to-digital converter

ADEOS           advanced Earth observation satellite

ADPCM           adaptive differential pulse-code modulation

ADS                 automatic debiting system (auto toll collecting)

ADSL               asymmetric digital subscriber loop

AEGIS             airborne early warning ground integration system

AESA              active electronically scanned array

AFH                adaptive frequency hopping

AFP                 automatic frequency planning

AGC               automatic gain control

AICC              autonomous intelligent cruise control

AM                  amplitude modulation

AM                  analog metal

AME               average model error

AMF               automated module fabrication

AML               amplitude modulated link

AMPS             Advanced Mobile Phone Service

AMR               adaptive multirate codex

ANA               automatic network analyzer

ANSI              American National Standards Institute

AO                  acoustic-optical

AOA                angle of arrival

AP                   access points

APC                American Personal Communications system

APD                analog predistortion

API                 application programming interface

APL                airport pseudolites

AR                  axial ratio

ARBF             adaptive radial basis function

ARM               antiradiation missile

ARMA             autoregressive moving average

ARDIS             Advanced Radio Information Service

ARFCN           absolute radio frequency channel number

ARO               active resonator oscillator

ARQ               automatic repeat request

ASAP              Airborne Shared Aperture Program

ASCII             American National Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASIC               application specific integrated circuit

ASH                amplifier-sequenced hybrid

ASK                amplitude shift keying

ASM               antenna switch module

ASTM             American Society for Testing and Materials

ASV                advanced safety vehicle (system)

ATC                air traffic control

ATDE             adaptive time domain equalizer

ATE                automatic test equipment

ATM               asynchronous transfer mode

ATM               air traffic management

ATPC              automatic transmit power control

ATR                antenna test range

AUC               authentication center

AVI                 automatic vehicle identification

AVL                automatic vehicle location

AVLN             automatic vehicle location and navigation system

AWG              arbitrary waveform generator

AWG              American Wire Gauge (standard)

AWGN           additive white Gaussian noise

 AWNV             all weather and night vision system