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 DAB               digital audio broadcast

DAC               digital-to-analog converter

DAMA            demand-assigned multiple access

D-AMPS        Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service

DARPA          Defense Advanced Research Procurement Activity

DAQ               data acquisition

DAWS            Digital Advanced Wireless Service

DBF                digital beamforming

DBR                dual behavior resonators

DBS                direct broadcast service

DBS                direct broadcast satellite

DCFL              direct-coupled field-effect transistor logic

DCOM             Distributed Component Object Model

DCR                downconverting receiver

DCR                direct conversion receiver

DCS1800        digital communication system at 1800 MHz

DCXO              digitally compensated crystal oscillator

DDS                direct digital synthesis

DEBS              dynamic electronic bias system

DECT              Digital European Cordless Telecommunications (1880 to1900 MHz)

DECT              Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony (new name)

DESC              Defense Electronic Supply Center

DEVM             differential error vector magnitude

DF                   direction finding

DFB                distributed feedback

DFD                digital frequency discriminator

DF                   dissipation factor

D-FET             depletion-mode field-effect transistor

DFN                dual flat no-lead (package)

DFT                 design for test

DFT                 discrete Fourier transform

DGPS              Differential Global Positioning System

DGS                defected ground structure

DHBT             double-heterojunction bipolar transistor

DIFM              digital instantaneous frequency measurement

DIMM             dual in-line memory module

DIN                 Deutsche Industrial Norms (German standards agency)

DLRU             decoy launch/recovery unit

DLVA             detector log video amplifier

DMO               direct mode operation

DMOS            diffused metal-oxide semiconductor

DMR               dual-mode resonators

DMS               defected microstrip structure

DMSP             Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

DMT               digital multiplexed trunk

DMUX            demultiplexer

DNL                dynamic nonlinearity

DoA                 direction of arrival

DPCCH           dedicated physical control channel

DPD                 digital predistortion

DPDCH           dedicated physical data channel

DPHEMT         double heterojunction pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor

DPLL              digital phase-locked loop

DPSK              differential phase shift keying

DQPSK           differential quadrature phase-shift keying

DRFM             digital radio frequency memory

DRA               dielectric resonator antenna

DRO               dielectric resonator oscillator

DRRS             digital radio relay system

DS                   direct sequence

DSC                differential scanning calorimetry

DSM               derivative superposition method

DSO                digital storage oscilloscope

DSP                 digital signal processing

DSRC             dedicated short range communication

DSSS              direct sequence spread spectrum

DTCXO           digital temperature-compensated crystal oscillator

DTF                 distance-to-fault

DTH                direct to home

DTMF             dual-tone multiple frequency

DTO                digital test oscilloscope

DTO                digitally tuned oscillator

DTX                discontinuous transmission

DUT                device under test

DVB               digital video broadcasting

DWC               digital wireless communications

 DWDM           dense wavelength division multiplexing