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 C-AFM            calibrated atomic force microscope

C/A                 clear and acquisition code (GPS)

CAE                computer-aided engineering

CALLUM        combined analog locked loop universal modulator

CATV             community antenna television

CBCPS           conductor-backed coplanar stripline

CB-CPW         conductor-backed coplanar waveguide

CBS                cavity-backed slot

CCA                circuit card assembly

CCA                clear channel assessment

CCD                charge-coupled device

CCDF             complementary cumulative distribution function

CCK                complementary code keying

CCMT             computer-controlled microwave tuner

CCPR              co-channel power ratio

CDF                cumulative distribution function

CDMA             code-division multiple access

CDPD             cellular digital packet data

CE                   Conformite Europeene (European EMC standard)

CFC                chloroflourocarbon

CFR                Code of Federal Regulations

C/I                   carrier-to-interference ratio

C/I                   carrier-to-intermodulation ratio

CIC                 controller in charge

CIM                computer integrated manufacturing

CIR                 carrier-to-interference ratio

CMOS             complementary metal-oxide semiconductor

CMP                chemical-mechanical polishing

CMRF             combined mode resonator filter

CMRR            common mode rejection ratio

CMS                combined symbol matching

C/N                 carrier-to-noise ratio

CNC                computerized numerical control

CNR                carrier-to-noise ratio

CNS/ATM      Communication and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management

COFDM          coded orthogonal frequency division multiplex

COHO              coherent oscillator

COM               Component Object Model

COMINT          communications intelligence

CONUS            continental/contiguous United States

COPS              complex operations per second

COTS              commercial off-the-shelf

CP                   cyclic prefixes

CPCI               compact protocol control information

CPE                 customer premises equipment

CPFSK            continuous phase frequency shift keying

CPM                continuous phase modulation

CPS                 coplanar stripline

CPU                central processing unit

CPW               coplanar waveguide

CQFP              ceramic quad flat pack

CRC                cyclic redundancy check

CREAM           cosmic radiation effects and activation monitors

CRTSSDA      cascaded reactively terminated single-stage distributed amplifier

CSL                 coupled-slot antenna

CSM                combined symbol matching

CSMA/CD      carrier sense multiple access/collision detection

CSO                composite second order

CSP                 chip scale package

CSSDA           cascade single stage distributed amplifier

CT                   cordless telephone

CT-2                cordless telephones-second generation

CTB                composite triple beat

CTE                 coefficient of thermal expansion

CTM                conformal transformation method

CTR                common technical regulations

CVD               chemical vapor deposition

CVDL             continuously variable delay line

CVSD             continuously variable slope delta

CW                  continuous wave

 CWSA             constant width slot antenna