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 OAD               optical admittance diagram

OATS              open area test site

OBU               on board unit

OCDMA         orthogonal code-division multiple access

OCPAR          optically controlled phased-array radar

OCXO             oven-controlled crystal oscillator

ODU               outdoor unit (wireless)

OEIC              optoelectronic integrated circuit

OEM               original equipment manufacturer

OFDM             orthogonal frequency division multiplex

OFDMA          orthogonal frequency division multiple access

OFHC             oxygen free high conductivity (copper)

OFS                 operational fixed service

OHI                 one horn interferometer

OMC               operations and maintenance center

OMI                optical modulation index

OMT               orthogonal mode transducer

OOK               on-off keying

OPBO             output power backoff

OPIP               output power intercept point

OPLL              optical phase locked loop

OQPSK          offset quadrature phase-shift keying

ORFS              output RF spectrum

OSI                 open systems interconnection

OTDR             optical time domain reflectometer

OTH                over the horizon

 OVSF              orthogonal variable spreading factor