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 SA                   selective availability (GPS error introduction/correction)

SAR                synthetic-aperture radar

SAR                search and rescue

SAR                specific absorption rate

SAT                 supervisory audio tone

SATCOM       satellite communication  (Satellite Communications Agency, Department of Defense)

SAW               surface acoustic wave

SBAS              satellite-based augmentation system

SBN                single sideband phase noise

SCCM             single channel carrier modulation

SCFL              source-coupled field-effect transistor logic

SCO                synchronous connection orientated

SCPI               Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments

SCR                semiconductor-controlled rectifier

SCSI               small computer standard/system interface

SDARS           Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services

SDD                symbolically defined device

SDH                synchronous digital hierarchy (European telecommunication)

SDLA             successive detection log amplifier

SDMA            spatial-division multiple access

SDR                software-defined radio

SDRAM          synchronous dynamic random access memory

SEAD             suppression of enemy air defenses

SEM                scanning electron microscope

SEM                singularity expansion method (radar)

SES                 severely errored seconds

SFD                 start of frame delimiter

SFDR              spur-free dynamic range

SGLS              space ground link system

SHF                 super high frequency

SI                    semi-insulating

SIC                  selectively implanted collector

SIG                 Special Interest Group

SIGINT                       signal intelligence

SIM                 subscriber identity module

SINAD            signal-to-noise and distortion (ratio)

SINR               signal to interference plus noise ratio

SIP                  single inline package

SIR                  signal to interference ratio

SIR                  stepped impedance resonator

SIS                  signal in space

SISO               single input single output

SLE                 satellite link emulator

SLM                spatial light modulator

SMI                 sample matrix inversion

SMP                subminiature push-on (connector)

SMP                surface-mount package

SMR                specialized mobile radio

SMS                short message service

SMT                surface mount technology

SNA                scalar network analyzer

SNIR               signal-to-signal plus interference ratio

SNR                signal-to-noise ratio

SOA                safe operating area

SOC                silicon on ceramic

SoC                 system on chip

S-OFDMA      scalable OFDM access

SOI                 silicon on insulator

SOIC               small outline integrated circuit

SOLR              short-open-line-reciprocal (calibration)

SOLT              short-open-load-thru (calibration)

SONET           synchronous optical network (US telecommunications)

SOP                 system-on-a-package

SOT                 small outline transistor

SP3                  third-order suppression

SPC                 statistical process control

SPI                  serial peripheral interface

SPIE                Society of Photo-optical Instrument Engineers

SPRE              satellite position reporting equipment

SPS                 standard positioning service (GPS)

SPUDT            single-phased unidirectional transducer

SRAM             static random access memory

SRF                 series resonant frequency

SS                    spread spectrum

SSB                 single sideband

SSBW             surface skimming bulk wave

SSD                 simultaneous signal detection

SSG                 small signal gain

SSI                  small scale integration

SSOP              shrink small outline package

SSOT              shrink small outline transistor

SSPA              solid-state power amplifier

SSPE               single solid-phase epitaxy

SSR                 surface search radar

SSS                 suspended substrate stripline

STALO             stable local oscillator

STM                synchronous transport module (1 STM = 155 Mbps)

STOVL            short takeoff, vertical landing (aircraft)

STW                surface transverse wave

SWAP             shared wireless access protocol

SWF                slow-wave factor

SWR               standing wave ratio

 SWS                slow wave structure