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 TAB                tape-augmented bonding/tape automated bonding

TACAN           tactical air navigation system

TACS              Total Access Communications System

TAG                technical advisory group

TARD             towed active radar device

TASH              tapered area small helix

TBCCO          thallium barium calcium copper oxide

TCAS              Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System

TCC                temperature coefficient of capacitance

TCE                 thermal coefficient of expansion

TCH                traffic channel

TCM                trellis-coded modulation

TCR                temperature coefficient of resistance

TCXO             temperature-compensated crystal oscillator

TDD                time division duplex

TDD                time domain duplex

TDDB             time dependant dielectric breakdown

TDMA             time-division multiple access

TDMQPSK     time division multiplex quadrature phase shift keying

TDNN             tapped delay neural network

TD-SCDMA   time division – synchronous code division multiple access

TDWR            terminal Doppler weather radar

TE                   transverse electric

TEC                 thermal electric cooler

TEM                transverse electromagnetic

TETRA           trans-European trunked radio (old name)

TETRA           terrestrial trunked radio (new name)

TFC                 time-frequency code

TFI                  time-frequency interleaving

TFM                tamed frequency modulation

TFT                 thin-film transistor/technology

TFTS               terrestrial flight telephone system

TIS                  total isotropic sensitivity

TLM                transmission line matrix

TM                  transverse magnetic

TMA               thermomechanical analysis

TMN               telecommunication management network

TOI                 third-order intercept (point)

T/R                  transmit/receive

TRAC             Technical Regulations Application Committee(of ETSI)

TRAM             transimpedance amplifier

TRP                 Technology Reinvestment Program (NIST)

TRP                 total radiated power

TRL                 thru-reflect-line (calibration)

TRP                 total radiated power

TRX                transceiver

TS                    timeslot

TSA                 tapered slot antenna

TSOP              thin small outline package

TSS                 tangential signal sensitivity

TTD                 true time delay

TTL                 transistor-transistor logic

TVRO             television receive only

TWDA            traveling wave distributed amplifier

TWTA             traveling-wave-tube amplifier

 TX                   transmit/transmitter