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 PA                   power amplifier

PAA                phased-array antenna

PABX             private automatic branch exchange

PAC                perceptual audio coder

PACS              personal access communications system (US version of PHS)

pACT              personal air communications technology

PAE                power-added efficiency

PAL                programmable array logic

PAL                phase-alternation line (video)

PAM               pulse amplitude modulation

PAMR             Public Access Mobile Radio

PAN                public access network

PAPR              peak-to-average power ratio

PAR                peak-to-average ratio

PBG                photonic band-gap

PBX                private branch exchange

PCI                  peripheral component interconnect (bus)

PCIA               Personal Communication Industry Association

PCM                pulse code modulation

PCM                process control monitor

PCMCIA         Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PCN                personal communications network

PCS                 personal communication service

PCU                power conditioning unit

PD                   predistortion

PD                   pulsed Doppler

PDA                personal digital assistant (portable computing)

PDC                personal digital cellular

PDF                 probability distribution function

PDH                plesiochronous-digital hierarchy

PDIP               plastic dual-in-line package

PDO                packet data optimized

PDR                polarization discrimination ratio

PDS                 power density spectrum

PEBB              power electronic building blocks

PEC                 perfect electrical conducting

PECL              positive/pseudo emitter-coupled logic

PECVD           plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition

PEEC              partial element equivalent circuit

PEI                  phase equal insertable

PEM                plastic encapsulated microcircuits

PEP                 primary entry point

PEP                 peak envelope power

PER                 packet error rate

PFD                 phase/frequency discriminator

PHEMT           pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor

PHP                 personal handyphone, JPHP (Japan,1895.15-1905.15 MHz)

PHS                 personal handyphone system (Japan)

PHY                physical layer (WLAN)

PIC                  photonic integrated circuit

PIC                  programmable integrated circuit

PIFA               planar inverted-F antenna

PIM                 passive intermodulation

PIN                 positive-intrinsic-negative (diode junction)

PLCC              plastic leaded chip carrier (molded plastic)

PLD                programmable logic device

PLD                pulsed laser deposition

PLF                 polarization loss factor

PLL                 phase-locked loop

PLMN             private land mobile network

PM                  phase modulation

PM                  polarization-maintaining (optical fiber)

PMC                perfect magnetic conducting

PMD               polarization mode dispersion

PML                perfectly matched layer

PMOS             positive metal oxide semiconductor

PMR                Private Mobile Radio

PN                   pseudorandom noise

PNF                 planar near-field (range)

PON                passive optical network

POCSAG        Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group (paging)

POF                 plastic optical fiber

POFS              private operational fixed service

POS                 Post Office Protocol

POTS              plain old telephone service

PPM                periodic permanent magnet (focused)

PPM                pulse position modulation

PPS                 precise positioning service (GPS)

PPV                 perturbation projection vector

PQFP              plastic quad flat pack

PR                   pseudorange

PRBS              pseudorandom binary or bit sequence

PRF                 pulse repetition frequency

PRN                pseudorandom noise

PROM             programmable read-only memory

PRT                 planar resistor technology

PSA                 polysilicon self-aligned (bipolar transistor)

PSD                 power spectral density

PSK                 phase shift keying

PSMM             pilot strength measurement message

PSTN              public switched telephone network

PTFE               polytetrafluoroethylene

PTH                 plated-through hole

PTMA             planar printed triangular monopole antenna

PTO                 public telecommunications operator

PTT                 post, telephone and telegraph (Europe)

PWM               pulse width modulation

 P1dB               power 1 dB compression point