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 NADC            North American Dual-Mode (or Digital) Cellular     

NA                  numerical aperture

N-AMPS         Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System

NAVSTAR     Navigational Satellite Timing and Ranging system

NBW               noise bandwidth

NEC                numerical electromagnetic code

NEMA            National Electrical Manufacturers Association

NEMS             nanoelectromechanical systems

NFA                noiseless feedback amplifier

NGA               noise gain analyzer

NGSO             nongeostationary orbit

NHPIS            near-horizon partial isotropic sensitivity

NHPRP           near-horizon partial radiated power

NIC                 network interface card (WLAN)

NIST               National Institute of Standards and Technology

NMC               network management center

NMOS            n-channel metal-oxide semiconductor

NMR               nuclear magnetic resonance

NMSE             normalized mean square error

NMT               Nordic Mobile Telephone system

NODS             near obstacle detection system

NPR                noise power ratio

NPRM             notice of proposed rule making

NQR               nuclear quadruple resonance

NRZ                nonreturn to zero

NSA                normalized site attenuation

NSOM             near-field scanning optical microscopy

NSSN              National Standards System Network

 NTSC              National Television Systems Committee