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 RACH             random access channel

RADAR          radio detection and ranging

RAIM             receiver autonomous integrity monitoring (GPS)

RAM               radar-absorbing material

RAM               random access memory

RAP                radar-absorbing paint

RAS                radio astronomy synthesis

RBC                radiation boundary conditions

RBER             residual bit error ratio

RBS                radio base station

RBW               resolution bandwidth

RCS                radar cross section

RDS                radio data system

RELP              residually excited linear predictive coder

RF                   radio frequency

RFID               radio frequency identification

RFMU             radio frequency monitoring unit

RFS                 radio frequency simulator

RHCP             right-hand circular polarization

RIE                 reactive ion etch

RIN                 relative intensity noise

RISC               reduced instruction set computing

RL                   rotating linear (antenna pattern)

RLL                radio local loop

RMS                root mean square

RNSS              radio navigation satellite service

RoHS              Restriction of Hazardous Substances (European Union)

ROTHR           relocatable over-the-horizon radar

RP                   range processor

RPT                 Radiated Performance Test

RRC                raised-root cosine

RRE                radar range equation

RSL                 received signal level

RSR                responder

RSSI               received signal strength indicator

RSU                roadside unit (auto toll collecting)

RTD                resistance-temperature detector (probe)

RTD                round trip delay

RwoH             reliability without hermeticity

RWR               radar warning receiver

RX                  receiver/receive

 RZ                   return to zero