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 MAC               medium access control

MAFET           Microwave and Analog Front End Technology project

MBA               multi-beam antenna

MBE               molecular beam epitaxy

MBOA            Multiband OFDM Alliance

MB-OFDM     multiband orthogonal division modulation

MBPA             multi-beam phased array

MCE               manufacturing cycle efficiency

MCF               message communication function

MCL               microstrip constrained lens

MCM              multi-carrier modulation

MCM              multi-chip module

MCM-C          multi-chip module with co-fired substrate

MCM-D          multi-chip module with deposited substrate

MCPA             multi-carrier power amplifier

MCPW            microstrip coplanar waveguide

MCSSS          multi-coupled suspended substrate stripline

MCT                metal-oxide semiconductor-controlled thyristor

MDS                multi-point distribution system

MEADS           medium extended air defense system

MEMS             microelectromechanical system

MESFET         metal-semiconductor field effect transistor

MEO               medium earth orbit (satellite)

MFGC             micromachined finite ground coplanar

MIC                microwave integrated circuit

MIC                monolithic integrated circuit

MID                molded interconnect device

MIDAS           multiple integration and defense communications satellite network

MIM                metal-insulator-metal (capacitor)

MIMIC            Millimeter-wave and Microwave Integrated Circuit (R&D program)

MIMO             multiple input multiple output

MIPS              million instructions per second

MIR                microwave impulse radar

MLA               microwave link analyzer

MLB               multi-layer board

MLC               main lobe clutter

MLCM            multilevel coded modulation

MLDD             matched-line directional divider

MMC              metal-matrix composite

MMCA           microwave multi-chip assembly

MMDS            multi-channel multi-point distribution system

MMI                man-machine interface

MMI                multimedia interface

MMIC             microwave monolithic integrated circuit

MMW             millimeter wave

MOCVD         metal-organic chemical vapor deposition

MOCT             multi-order cancellation technique

MODEM          modulator/demodulator

MODFET        modulation-doped field effect transistor

MoM               method of moments

MOS               metal-oxide semiconductor

MPA               microstrip patch antenna

MPE                maximum permissible exposure

MPEG             Motion Picture Experts Group

MPIE              mixed potential integral equation

MPM               microwave power module

MPSK             multiple phase-shift keying

MQAM            M-order quadrature amplitude modulation

MQW              multi-quantum well

MQW-FP        multi-quantum well Fabry-Perot optical transmitter

MS                  mobile station

MSB                most significant bit

MSBVW          magneto-static backward volume waves

MSC                mobile switching center

MSFVW          magneto-static forward volume waves

MSG               maximum stable gain

MSI                 medium scale integration

MSK               minimum shift keying

MSMT             micro surface-mount technology

MSOP             mini(micro) small outline package

MSS                mobile satellite system (service)

MSSW             magneto-static surface waves

MSW               magnetostatic wave

MTA               microwave transition analyzer

MTBF             mean time between failures

MTD               moving target detection

MTI                 moving target indicator

MTTF              mean time to failure

MTTR             mean time to repair

MU                  minimum stability factor

MUNDI           multiplexed network for distributed and interactive services (UK)

MUX               multiplexer

MVDS             multi-point video distribution system

 MWBIST         millimeterwave built-in self test