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Teledyne Microwave Solutions
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Teledyne X-BandGaNSSPA

High Power GaN X-band SSPAs

GaN-based SSPAs deliver outstanding RF performance for applications spanning the 9 to 10 GHz radar market. These GaN-based SSPAs offer 350 W, 550 W, and 1 KW peak output power. 

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YIG-Based Synthesizer


Teledyne Microwave Solutions has developed the first YIG-based synthesizer that substantially reduces the high cost of acquiring a high-quality, broadband low phase noise source. The synthesizer simply plugs into a laptop or desktop and yields a fully functional synthesizer that delivers superior performance and ROI to the standard industry alternative, voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs). 

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Space Products

TMS Space ProductsTMS' extensive and successful space heritage stretches back to the early days of space applications. One of the first companies receiving MIL-PRF-38534 Class K certification, TMS earned the space community's trust by developing, providing, and supporting the industry's most comprehensive line of space-qualified products. TMS' quality certifications include MIL-PRF-38534, Classes H & K (TRB Option), ISO 9001 and AS9100.

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TWT Products

TMS TWT ProductsLeveraging Teledyne MEC's 50 year track record of continuous TWT production, Teledyne Microwave Solutions today continues to be the world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of traveling wave tubes (TWTs), traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs), and solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs).

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YIG Products

YIG ProductsThe TMS line of Yttrium-Iron-Garnet (YIG) and Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) products includes a range of high performance BAW devices and delay lines available as stand-alone products or incorporated into higher level assemblies. This includes YIG filters, TINYig oscillators, as well as YIG integrated products.

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Integrated Assemblies and Custom Solutions

TMS Integrated Assemblies and Custom SolutionsTeledyne Microwave Solutions offers State of the Art integrated microwave assemblies (IMAs), utilizing custom building blocks and mixed media construction techniques to meet the most challenging performance and size constraints on the market today.

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Receiver Products

TMS Receiver ProductsTeledyne Microwave Solutions offers a wide variety of high performance receivers based on our patented IFM and unique Wideband Super-heterodyne technology to address the specific needs of Radar Warning Receiver, Electronic Warfare, Sigint and Elint applications.

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Satcom Products

TMS Satcom ProductsWith decades of experience serving the SATCOM industry, TMS offers a variety of satcom solutions for amplifiers, filters, linearizers, modems, uplinks systems and amps, and communication TWTs.

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Services: Up Screening, LAT, Element Evaluation and More

TMS ServicesFor over three decades, Teledyne Microwave Solutions has built a strong heritage delivering advanced value added services to the military, space and industry sectors of aerospace. With test capabilities up to 40 GHz, TMS offers chip and wire assembly of products ranging from single die through complex hybrids which can then be submitted to a combination of customer-specified RF and DC testing and environmental screening.

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Circuit Board and Packaging

TMS Circuit Board & PackagingTeledyne Microwave Solutions has developed an innovative low cost custom packaging solution utilizing Teledyne Labtech's established microwave printed circuit board techniques and the use of low cost organic materials for single chip and MCM (multichip module) applications. Markets served include defense, aerospace, and telecommunications. TMS' cavity package demonstrates excellent high frequency, thermal and electrical characteristics. 

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Microwave PCBs

Microwave PCBsTeledyne Labtech, a business unit of Teledyne Microwave Solutions, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of complex and high technology demanding microwave printed circuit boards with an established pedigree spanning more than 25 years. Providing specialist solutions for a range of markets including Defense, Aerospace, High-end Telecom, Satcom and Test Instrumentation, TMS offers a wide range of complementary microwave PCB capabilities.

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TMS ComponentsTeledyne Microwave Solutions is a worldwide leader in the design, development, and manufacture of RF and microwave components. Our broad line of components operate in the 100 kHz to 26 GHz range and include attenuators, BAW devices, detectors, isolators and circulators, linearizers, mixers, and VCOs. For over 50 years our components have played key roles in sophisticated airborne and satellite communications equipment, navigation and guidance systems, and more.

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TMS FiltersTeledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) has been making filters since 1974 serving the microwave industry with miniature microwave filters utilizing unique lumped element design techniques. Products include cavity filters, coaxial resonator filters, combline filters, integrated filter assemblies, interdigital filters, lumped element filters, suspended substrate filters, waveguide filters and more.

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TMS HPAs / TWT Amplifiers

TMS HPAs  TWT Amplifiers

Teledyne Microwave Solutions' Ka-band TWTA offers superior RF performance for the satellite uplink data communications market. In addition to its 502 W peak power, the amplifier features an integrated linearizer providing 175 W linear power at the output flange. Frequency ranges from 27.5 to 30.0 GHz for Commercial, or 30.0 to 31.0 GHz to accommodate military applications.

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Solid State Power Amplifiers

Solid State Power Amplifiers

TMS has built a strong portfolio of SSPAs covering 1 MHz to 110 GH and pulsed and CW power 1 W to 10 kW. TMS SSPAs are used in all markets, from commercial Satcom to military and space qualified platforms. TMS uses LDMOS, GaAs, InP and GaN technologies to meet customer's needs, generally producing custom designs to customer specifications. GaN is particularly successful in pulsed applications, with many different amplifier designs available up to 18 GHz.


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Low Noise Amplifiers

low noise amplifiers

Our range of low noise amplifiers (LNAs) cover a wide range of applications but are primarily suited to communication systems including both data-link and satellite communications (Satcom) systems. In recent years, LNA's have moved more and more into TMS's sweet spot, primarily due to the increase in operating frequency. For example, our new K-Band LNA operates over a 19.2 to 21.2 GHz with 1.3 dB noise figure at 25°C. It's configured with a waveguide input and 2.92 output connector all in a hermetic package.

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Specialty Amplifiers – Communications / Data Link Products

Specialty Ampifiers â?? Communications---Data Link Products

Amplifiers specific to the communications systems include a wide range of solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) and low noise amplifiers (LNAs) originally from Paradise Datacom and a range organically developed product within TMS. Satcom SSPAs are considered a core competence of Paradise Datacom's product line who have invested heavily in converting it's complete amplifier offering from GaAs to GaN from C-Band all the way to Ka-Band.

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Specialty Amplifiers – Gain Shape Linearizer Amplifiers

Gain Shape Linearizer Amplifiers

Gain Shape amplifiers are used in a number of applications where it's necessary to flatten the gain characteristic of the preceding or following component. This would include flattening the attenuation of a long cable run or perhaps changing the input gain response to a MPM (Microwave Power Module) or TWT (Traveling Wave Tube) to compensate for the gain variation within the tube.

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Specialty Amplifiers – Limiting Amplifiers

Specialty Ampifiers â?? Limiting Amplifiers

Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) offer a range of Limiting Amplifiers which are used in instantaneous frequency and phase measurement receivers. The most important performance requirement of a limiting amplifier is to minimize output power variations, and provide a constant output over a wide input dynamic range.

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Specialty Amplifiers – SDLVAs

Specialty Ampifiers â?? SDLVAs

Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of detector log video amplifiers (DLVAs). These devices are used extensively in applications requiring an output voltage related to the power of a received RF signal. In order to cope with a wide range of input signals a log amplifier is used to provide a linear voltage output per dBm of input power.

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