Specialty Ampifiers â?? Communications---Data Link Products

Specialty Amplifiers

As a leader in RF and Microwave amplifiers we often find a common need for special amplifiers which apply to very specific requirements. These speciality amplifiers offer a significant advantage to the system designers, giving them the benefit of driving the next component in the system chain a specific direction.

Specialty Amplifiers - Communications / Data Link Products

Amplifiers specific to the communications systems include a wide range of solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) and low noise amplifiers (LNAs) originally from Paradise Datacom and a range organically developed product within TMS. Satcom SSPAs are considered a core competence of Paradise Datacom's product line who have invested heavily in converting it's complete amplifier offering from GaAs to GaN from C-Band all the way to Ka-Band.

Key Features

  • Frequency: 10MHz to 35GHz
  • Bandwidths: Narrow Band to Multi Octave
  • Types: Pulsed, CW POWER 1W to 10KW
  • Configuration/Packaging: SM, Leaded, Connectorized, Waveguide
  • Platforms: Ground, Airborne, Marine, Space
  • Applications: Military, Commercial, Satcom, Comms
  • Technology: GaAs, LDMOS, InP
  • Export Classifications: EAR99 & ITAR