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Historically, the performance of YIG-tuned band-reject filters has been limited by trade-offs between 3 dB bandwidth at the high end of the frequency range and notch bandwidth at the low end. Teledyne Microwave Solutions has developed a new patent-pending technology that enables the 3 dB bandwidth at the high end to be much narrower and the notch at the low end deeper and wider than previously achievable – without degrading any other electrical parameter. The new technology also offers enhanced performance at much lower frequencies than possible with previous capabilities. With the added benefit of reduced spurious response, this filter line delivers unequalled performance.

The six new YIG-tuned band-reject filters from Teledyne Microwave Solutions cover frequency bands from 125 MHz to 18 GHz. The products include:

  • Two filters for 125 to 1500 MHz, a frequency range never before available with YIG technology.
  • A single 500 to 2600 MHz filter with 40 dB rejection bandwidth of 6 MHz (minimum), 3 dB bandwidth of only 70 MHz (maximum) and 3 dB maximum rejection spurs.
  • A single 2 to 18 GHz filter with 40 dB rejection bandwidth of 12 MHz (minimum), 3 dB bandwidth of only 125 MHz (maximum) and 4 dB maximum tracking spurs.

Used primarily for electronic warfare, electronic countermeasures and microwave receivers,these filters achieve a previously unobtainable trifecta: wider notch bandwidth, greater notch depth and narrower 3 dB bandwidth.

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Mountain View, Calif.