TMS Integrated Assemblies and Custom SolutionsIntegrated Assemblies and Custom Solutions

Teledyne Microwave Solutions offers State of the Art integrated microwave assemblies (IMAs), utilizing custom building blocks and mixed media construction techniques to meet the most challenging performance and size constraints on the market today.


  • State of the art phase noise performance
  • Tuning speed in nanoseconds
  • Broadband Tuning Range: L to K band
  • Very low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power)
  • DDS in the Loop


  • 2 to 18 GHz RF range
  • 1 to 2 GHz IF range
  • Very high power front end protection (>500W pulsed)
  • Tuned response with 1Hz resolution
  • Tuned response times of less than 1uS
  • Wideband input dynamic ranges of >60dB
  • -45dBc spurious

Multi-function Assemblies

Multi-function assemblies including DIFM, SDLVA, Channelisers, Converters, Local Oscillators, Switched Multiplexers.


  • Frequency Range 0.75 GHz -18.25 GHz
  • IF range of 1-2GHz with 500MHz IBW
  • Dual conversion with Switch Filter pre-selection
  • Wide Dynamic Range +5 dB to -65 dB
  • Low NF of typically <10 dB
  • <-60 dBc Spur Performance over full frequency range
  • Integrated SDLVA & LO Generator
  • Fast tuned LO with frequency switching speed of <100 nSec
  • Frequency memory
  • Package Size 4.25 “ x 2.25”x 7”

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