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With decades of experience serving the SATCOM industry, TMS offers a variety of satcom solutions for amplifiers, filters, linearizers, modems, uplinks systems and amps, and communication TWTs.

Satcom HPAs/TWTAs

  • 502W peak Ka-band high power linearized amplifier
  •      175W CW linear power output
  •      400W saturated power output
  •      Integral L-band BUC (optional)
  •      27.5-31.0 GHz
  • 250W peak Ka-band high power linearized amplifier
  •            • 100W CW linear power output, 27.5-31.0 GHz
  • 180W / 120W / 90W CW Q-band high power amplifier, 43.5-45.5 GHz
  • Airborne Radar high power amplifier, Ku-band

Satcom Q-Net Bandwidth Management

  • Dynamic management of satellite bandwidth
  • Network infrastructure management
  • Single central server with automated backup
  • Supports all network topologies
  • Sophisticated suite of web management tools for monitoring, control, analysis and reporting
  • Advanced IP features including encryption, acceleration, compression, ACM and traffic shaping

Satcom TWTs

  • TMS creates rugged satcom TWT designs with high reliability for Fixed, Mobile or Air applications.
  • Enables Single Transmitter for Uplink
  • Deployed Worldwide
  • Withstands severe environmental conditions
  • Tri-Band (C, X & Ku) – Single TWT package design
  • Dual-Band (C & Ku)– Single TWT package design

Satcom Tactical/Airborne

  • Products specific to the Tactical & Airborne satcom systems include a wide range of small, light Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs), Block Up Converters (BUCs), Low Noise Blocks (LNB's) and Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs).
  • Frequeny: C, X, Ku & Ka-band
  • Power: 1W to 10KW
  • Confguration/Packaging: SM, Leaded, Connectorized, Waveguide
  • Platforms: Ground, Airborne, Marine Applications, Military, Commercial, Satcom, Comms
  • Technology: GaAs, LDMOS, InP
  • Export Classifications: EAR99 & ITAR

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