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Teledyne Microwave Solutions offers a wide variety of high performance receivers based on our patented IFM and unique Wideband Super-heterodyne technology to address the specific needs of Radar Warning Receiver, Electronic Warfare, Sigint and Elint applications.

Channelizing Receiver

Sample Product Specs:

  • 2-18GHz Coverage (optional down to 0.5GHz)
  • VME Form Factor
  • 8 Channel Pre-selector
  • Digital IFM Frequency Measurement
  • Full Pulse Descriptor Outputs
  • High POI in complex environments
  • Simultaneous Signal Measurement      

Digitizing Receivers

Sample Product Specs:

  • Full 2.0 – 18GHz broadband operation
  • 15-BIT output (0.5 MHz Resolution)
  • 50 MHz Clocking rate
  • 60 dB Dynamic range
  • SDLVA Log Video output
  • PMOP Detection

RADAR Warning Receivers

  • TMS Radar Warning Receivers incorporate patented features and offer wide band synthesized capability from 0.5 to 18 GHz, with frequency extensions available to above 40 GHz. The modular approach enables options including multiple phase and gain matched channels or integrated High POI wideband receivers.

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