Dual-band switchable ka-band buc

The 290-310 Ka-Band block up-converter (BUC) from Teledyne Microwave Solutions is designed to convert an L-Band IF input in the range of 1 to 2 GHz to an RF output in one of two externally-selectable RF bands within the Ka-Band spectrum. Though the selectable bands in the standard configuration include 29 to 30 GHz and 30 to 31 GHz, the converter can be optionally-configured to address any two portions of the Ka-Band in segments of 1 GHz or less.

The linear output power is 10 dBm minimum with 30 dB minimum gain. The group delay variation over the full band is 2 nsec maximum. Input power is up to 5 dB and input voltage is +8 to +36 VDC.

The BUC-290-310 is packaged in a hermetically-sealed module for maximum performance and reliability, and has a footprint of 4" × 4", making it an excellent choice for airborne and mobile applications that require minimal size and weight.

Available options include:

  • Auto-ranging DC input
  • Internal or external reference (10 or 50 MHz)
  • Direct L.O. injection
  • Bias via coax or external connector
  • Type N or SMA IF input connector

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