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Leveraging Teledyne MEC's 50 year track record of continuous TWT production, Teledyne Microwave Solutions today continues to be the world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs), Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs), and Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs).

HPAs/TWT Amplifiers

  • Teledyne Microwave Solutions offers Ka-Band TWTAs with 502W peak power that are linearized for commercial or military communications applications.

Key Features

  • Satellite uplink
  • Compact environmentally sealed housing
  • Integrated linearizer
  • RF sample port
  • Alarms
  • RS-232/422/485, Ethernet


  • BUC
  • Harmonic Filter

Common Specifications

  • 27.5-30.0 GHz
  • 30.0-31.0 GHz
  • 502W Peak Power
  • 175W linear power at flange with -25dBc intermodulation performance
  • 73dB small signal gain
  • 100-240Vac


Airborne TWTs

TMS designs and manufactures TWTs and TWTAs for military airborne applications for fixed-wing and rotary, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), electronic warfare and electronic countermeasures (EW /ECM), and missiles.Smallest oscillator available in the RF and microwave industry. TWTs provide high gain amplification with low noise factors and wide bandwidths available.

Pulse TWTs:

  • Ka-band with Peak Power levels available to 400W
  • X-band with Peak Power levels available to 10kW
  • S-band with Peak Power levels available to 10kW

Continuous Wave TWTs:

  • L- through Ku-bands with power levels available to 750W

Fast Warm Up TWTs:

  • All major frequencies are supported

Electronic Countermeasures

Teledyne Microwave Solutions is the proven source for mission-critical RF amplification. With over 50 years' leadership in improving TWT technologies, Teledyne provides multi-octave high power TWTs that maximize operational efficiency for Electronic Warfare/Electronic Countermeasure (EW/ECM) systems

  • L through Q-Bands
  • Pulse, CW, and Dual Mode
  • Power levels that exceed OEM system requirements
  • Designed for operation in rugged airborne environments
  • Decades of proven service and support to US and Foreign militaries

Fast Warm-Up TWTs

Teledyne Microwave Solutions has developed a line of Fast Warm-Up TWTs for military applications.

  • Ultra lightweight when payload is a factor
  • Small package to fit your requirements
    (Less than 8 inches)
  • Pulse mode/gridded, High duty cycle
  • All Major Frequencies are supported
  • Fast activation capability
  • Dual Modes : EW / Radar
  • Flight Qualified Designs

Pulsed-Radar TWTs

  • L-Band through Q-Band
  • PPEAK> 14kW
  • PAVE> 1kW
  • Dual Pulse / CW operation available
  • Low Phase Noise
  • Phase Matchable for Efficiency in Power Combining
  • Demonstrated High MTBF
  • Low Acquisition Price with Affordable Maintenance and Support
  • High Power with Broad Bandwidth
  • Pulse Widths up to 200µs
  • Superior On-time Delivery

Satcom TWTs

TMS creates rugged satcom TWT designs with high reliability for Fixed, Mobile or Air applications.

  • Enables Single Transmitter for Uplink
  • Deployed Worldwide
  • Withstands severe environmental conditions
  • Tri-Band (C, X & Ku) – Single TWT package design
  • Dual-Band (C & Ku)– Single TWT package design

Test & Measurement TWTs

TMS Traveling Wave Tubes provide the source for RF energy in many commercial test and measurement applications, such as evaluating the electromagnetic susceptibility of components in military systems or consumer/commercial products.

Large selection of catalog CW and Pulse TWTs for narrow and wide band operation available, as well as customization of existing TWTs.

  • Examples of frequency band/power combinations:



  CW Power

 Pulse Power (Peak)


1 to 4 GHz




4 to 8 GHz




8 to 18 GHz




18-40 GHz











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