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Accelerating Autonomous Driving With Emulation

Autonomous vehicles are navigating freeways and highways in many regions of the world. Most mass-produced consumer vehicles have some level of autonomy, be it SAE International level 2 or 3. The AV industry is moving fast, and its complex socio-technical innovations come with profound economic and social impacts. Reports suggest self-driving vehicles could reduce the number of traffic deaths by as much as 90 percent.

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Fiber Weave

SDRs for high data throughput required for mmWave Technology

This article explores how signals are captured and converted from analog-to-digital or digital-to-analog in a lossless fashion. It discusses various considerations including selection of a suitable substrate for high frequency applications and achieving low impedance. The article also discusses how high data throughput Ethernet is implemented on FPGAs to enable packetization of IQ sample data. Lastly, the article explores how host or server systems with high data throughput capability are used to handle the huge amounts of data exchanged between the FPGA of a SDR and network interface cards (NICs) of a host system.

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Featured Array

Selecting the Right 3D EM Solver for Periodic Antenna Arrays

This article goes through the most popular electromagnetic solvers for periodic structures, describing their optimal use cases, advantages and disadvantages. As a practical example, a 4x4 mmWave cavity antenna array is simulated using a Time Domain Solver, Direct Frequency Domain Solver and Domain Decomposition Solver. The goal is to compare the available 3D solvers and find the most optimal settings for simulations of periodic structures.

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