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Automotive Radar Startups 2021

Automotive radar startups review 2021

Back in 2017, we had seven companies in the review. Not to say there were just seven startups on the market, but there were just seven that disclosed enough about their approach. One of the startups decided not to continue with the development, and another two have changed their focus. But the rest four of them are still here and show a good pace! Now see how many are in development.

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UWB Measurements

UWB Reloaded: Test and Certification of UWB devices according to IEEE802.15.4z

Ultra-wideband (UWB) communication, as standardized by IEEE 802.15.4, enables very low power communication and very accurate ranging in the license-exempt spectrum. This article will give a brief introduction of the new 802.15.4z standard, followed by some guidance for the test and certification of UWB devices in research, development and production.

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