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Passive Plus

Passive Plus, Inc. Broadband Capacitors: 0201BB & 0402BB

Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) customers requiring surface-mountable capacitors that provide resonance-free, low insertion loss, low reflection operation over extremely large RF bandwidths will be well served by Passive Plus's BB series. The 0201BB and 0402BB case sizes are available in 10nF and 100nF, and Tin (RoHS), Tin/Lead or Gold terminations.

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New York City approves ConcealFab 5G Radio Shroud for Deployment

ConcealFab has collaborated with Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) to enable ConcealFab’s 5G Radio Concealment Shroud to efficiently package a sizable amount of 5G mmW radio equipment, 4G radios, and interconnection cables while ensuring optimal radio frequency (RF) performance. “Using RFS’s patented diplexers, which are the size of an apple, we have been able to accommodate the carrier’s equipment configurations within the stringent form-factor and size constraints of the DoITT shroud” stated ConcealFab Executive VP, Technical Fellow William “Doc” Pounds.

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