Anritsu Company introduces a hardware option that extends the frequency of its TRX Test Module MU887002A for its Universal Wireless Test Sets MT8870A and MT8872A from 6 GHz to 7.3 GHz to address emerging Wi-Fi 6E designs. With the hardware option, the wireless test sets support RF tests of the 6 GHz band (5.925 to 7.125 GHz) specified by the IEEE 802.11ax WLAN and 3GPP Release 16 NR-U standards, creating an efficient method to evaluate TRX performance of devices, modules, chipsets and other WLAN equipment during manufacturing. 

Anritsu developed the new hardware option (MU887002A-007) to meet the market demand for test solutions to verify emerging Wi-Fi 6E designs. Engineers can install this option to enable their MT8870A/MT8872A test sets to support Wi-Fi 6E measurements without major changes or expense to the production-line configuration. 

A key benefit of the option is that the MU887002A now supports a high modulated signal output power of –10 dBm (rms) at 6 GHz frequencies. The result is engineers can conduct RX tests, such as maximum input level measurement, without an external amplifier for improved accuracy, repeatability and overall efficiency.

The TRX Test Module MU887002A with built-in MU887002A-007 option augments the measurement capability of the Universal Wireless Test Sets MT8870A and MT8872A. Both instruments are designed for mass-production environments to verify performance of various communications equipment and modules. The TRX Test Modules MU887000A/01A/02A are installed in the main chassis. The user equipment under test is connected to the TRX Test Module RF connectors to measure the Tx power, modulation accuracy and Rx sensitivity required to evaluate the TRx performance.