Qorvo has introduced a high performance wideband power amplifier (PA) for electronic warfare, radar and test instrumentation.

The TGA2962 provides 10 W output power over 2 to 20 GHz, with 13 dB large-signal gain and 20 to 35 percent power-added efficiency (PAE). Available as a die, the TGA2962 is fabricated with Qorvo’s 0.15 μm GaN on SiC process (QGaN15).

“No other company offers a single PA with this output power, bandwidth, power-added efficiency and large signal gain,” said Roger Hall, the general manager of Qorvo’s High Performance Solutions business.

The TGA2962 is available to qualified customers.


Parameter Value
Frequency Range 2-20 GHz
Psat (Pin = 27 dBm) 10–15 W
PAE (Pin = 27 dBm) 20–35%
Large-Signal Gain 13 dB
Small-Signal Gain 20 dB
Bias 22 V @ 1.68 A
Die Size 3.24 x 3.24 mm

Beginning volume production of GaN devices in 2000, Qorvo offers a large portfolio of GaN on SiC products with high power and efficiency, wide bandwidth and high reliability. GaN’s high power density and efficiency enable systems to reduce size, wight and power consumption.

Eric Higham, a director at Strategy Analytics, said “The defense market, primarily radar and communications applications, is seeing strong growth from new systems and major platform upgrades. This is also providing fuel for the GaN growth engine and should bode well for companies like Qorvo."