Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) customers requiring surface-mountable capacitors that provide resonance-free, low insertion loss, low reflection operation over extremely large RF bandwidths will be well served by Passive Plus's BB series. The 0201BB and 0402BB case sizes are available in 10nF and 100nF, and Tin (RoHS), Tin/Lead or Gold terminations.

These capacitors are intended primarily for coupling RF signals or, occasionally, for bypassing them to ground while blocking DC. The applications for which they are intended require small, surface-mountable devices that provide low RF impedances, i.e., low insertion losses and reflections, across extremely large RF bandwidths and temperatures typically ranging from -55 to +125 C.

Applications for the Broadband series are primarily found in the "signal integrity" market:

  •  Optoelectronics/highspeed data
  •  ROSA/TOSA (Transmit/Receive optical subassemblies)
  •  SONET (Synchronous Optical Networks)
  •  Broadband test equipment
  •  Broadband microwave and millimeter wave amplifiers and oscillators

0201BB104KW160 (.020” x .010”):

* Frequency range: 16 kHz (- 3 dB point) to > 40 GHz 

* 16 WVDC

* Insertion Loss: < 1 db, typical

* Available in Tin (RoHS Compliant), Tin/Lead,

   and Gold terminations

0402BB104KW500 (.040” x .020”):

* Frequency range:16 kHz (-3 dB point) to 50 GHz

* 50 WVDC

* Insertion Loss: < 1.2 db, typical

* Available in Tin (RoHS Compliant), Tin/Lead,

   and Gold terminations

PPI is a manufacturer of high-performance RF/Microwave passive components for the Medical, Semiconductor, Military, Broadcast, and Telecommunications Industries.

PPI specializes in High-Q, Low ESR/ESL Capacitors, Broadband Capacitors, Single Layer Capacitors, Non-Magnetic Resistors (High Power and Thin Film) and Trimmer Capacitors.

PPI is ISO9001:2015 certified.

PPI is known for their outstanding Customer Service, high quality product line, competitive pricing, and quick delivery times. While other companies are pushing out their lead-times for product delivery, PPI is committed to being able to deliver product as quickly as possible. As PPI tries to keep a full inventory in stock, depending on the capacitor and quantities needed, delivery times can be stock to 2-4 weeks.

Contact PPI directly at +1 (631) 425-0938 or for quotes, pricing, orders, custom requests or specific engineering questions.