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Anaren and Emmoco partner to develop AIR support for BLE solution

Anaren Inc. announced that its Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) module team is partnering with Austin, Texas-based middleware developer Emmoco to create the AIR Support for BLE solution. As a guest supplier at the Premier-Farnell booth (#220, Hall 5) in the Embedded World 2013 exhibition, the AIR team will be explaining its technology concept for fast-emerging Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications -- and will also be actively developing a pool for "beta-testers" for the upcoming AIR Support for BLE solution, which is scheduled for release in the spring/summer of 2013.

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Anaren introduces online resource for subminiature passive RF components

Anaren Inc. announced that it has established an online resource for users of its growing family of subminiature passive RF components. Branded Submini Central -- and located online -- the new web resource offers a range of tools and information of use to RF engineers deploying the company's hybrid couplers, directional couplers, power dividers, balun transformers, and RF crossovers.

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Anaren Receives Contracts in Excess of $11.5 Million

Anaren, Inc. announced today that it has received three contracts totaling in excess of $11.5 million in follow-on orders for passive ranging subsystems to be deployed in airborne applications. These orders from a Defense OEM customer are related to a continuing long-term supply agreement for both domestic and international applications of Anaren's proprietary electronic warfare technology.

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Anaren forms alliance with Tesla Controls

Anaren Inc. announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Tesla Controls to develop and market a unique, streamlined approach to the typical familiarization routine, basic programming and development process of wireless applications for the ZigBee® Standard.

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Anaren Launches Xinger-III Brand Hybrid and Directional Couplers

Anaren Inc. announced that it has officially launched its Xinger®l-III brand line of 3 dB hybrid and directional couplers for wireless infrastructure applications. At ¼ the size of the company's previous generation parts (Xinger-II components remain popular and in production), the design and unique manufacturing processes behind the new...Read more

Anaren SDG Expands by Strategic Acquisitions

David Whitaker, Product Line Manager of the Space & Defense Group at Anaren Microwave Inc., discusses his group’s recent strategic acquisitions and the resulting impact on the company’s competitiveness in the active assemblies and advanced PCB arenas.Read more

Anaren Develops Thick-film Informational Kit

Anaren Inc. announced that it has developed a free informational kit developed to introduce design engineers, manufacturing engineers and purchasing professionals to the company’s thick-film ceramic circuits capabilities. Anaren’s thick-film service -- in addition to a range of other ceramics solutions ranging from standard, high volume resistive components to...Read more

Anaren Announces Design Win

Anaren Inc. announced, in unison with CSR , it has achieved a design win on CSR’s UniFi UF1050 b&g Wi-Fi chipset; optimized for the CSR application, the matched-balun approach results in a solution boasting 65 percent fewer discrete components even as it saves additional board space. Anaren’s “0404” balun...Read more

Anaren: Microwave Technologies for Diverse Markets

Today's Anaren develops RF and microwave technologies targeted to a diverse set of markets that require everything from highly-complex custom assemblies with average selling prices of $500 to $200K, to high-volume, highly repeatable standard SM components costing pennies a peice. Synching up with that, we value MTT-S because, in...Read more

Anaren Receives Contracts Worth $13.7 M

Anaren Inc. announced that it has received two contracts totaling $13.7 M in follow-on orders for jamming and passive ranging subsystems to be deployed in airborne applications. Anaren designs, develops, manufactures and sells highly integrated microwave component assemblies and subsystems for the wireless communications, satellite communications and defense electronics...Read more

Anaren Awarded $8 M Contract

Anaren Inc. has received an $8 M contract from Lockheed Martin Systems Integration - Owego in New York for a major subsystem element on a Radar Warning (RWR)/Electronic Support Measure (ESM) system. The subsystem element is intended for Lockheed Martin's Maritime Helicopter Project (MHP) RWR/ESM system for use on...Read more

Anaren Lands Contract in Excess of $8 M

Anaren Inc. has been selected to receive a contract valued in excess of $8 M from Alcatel-Alenia Space (France) for development and production of integrated beamforming assemblies that will be deployed on the Globalstar-2 satellite payload. The contract award, expected to be finalized within 90 days, covers design services...Read more

Anaren Awarded $6 M Contract from Lockheed Martin

Anaren Inc. has received a $6 M award from Lockheed Martin for electronic subassemblies that will help US Navy helicopters detect and identify enemy radar. Designed to process radar signals detected by a receiver, Anaren’s Passive Ranging Subsystem is a major component of the AN/ALQ-210 Electronic Support Measures (ESM)...Read more

Family of High-Power Handling Passive Components

FAMILY OF HIGH-POWER HANDLING PASSIVE COMPONENTSAnaren, Inc. announced that it has developed and introduced a family of passive RF components specifically designed for high-energy RF applications. The family of 2.4 GHz components is currently comprised of two Xinger®-brand 3 dB hybrid couplers (XEC24E-03G and XEC24A6-03G), one Xinger 30 dB directional coupler (XEC24P3-30G), and a flanged, AIN termination (G300N50W4) optimized to work with the aforementioned couplers.

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1.1 Version of Anaren Atmosphere Dev Platform

Anaren Atmosphere

Anaren Inc.'s Wireless Connectivity Group announced that its Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) module team has introduced a range of 1.1 updates and improvements to its recently introduced Anaren Atmosphere online development platform. Miscellaneous improvements include added compression to network transmission for reduced file sizes, support of Windows mobile app compilation and enhanced developer tool compatibility with DPI setting changes.

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AIR for WICED Smart Bluetooth Module

AIR combinedAnaren Inc.’s Wireless Group announced the release of its first AIR for WICED™ smart bluetooth module and atmosphere on-line developer platform as part of a strategic engagement with Broadcom Corp. This relationship allows both companies to support designers, innovators, and end-equipment manufacturers. Among the specific features are the modules’ small size, low cost, and pre-certification to global standards and comprehensive technical support.

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Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) Modules

AnarenIntegratedRadioIMAGESAnaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules are the industry's easiest, most elegant and most cost-effective way to implement low-power RF capability... Whether your goal is designing a "wireless" version of a currently "wired" product -- or developing a wireless product from the ground up. Each AIR module (think of it as a tiny, wireless data transmitter and receiver) incorporates a proven Texas Instruments low-power RF transceiver chip and is compatible with all TI-approved software stacks.

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Anaren Subsidiary: Anaren Ceramics

AnarenCeramicsAPECS means tighter tolerances & lower costs. Using the DuPont Fodel® process as a base technology, Anaren Ceramics’ precision thick film technology (better known as APECS) pushes thick film technology to a best-in-class position from which we can meet or exceed thin film tolerances -- at a far more affordable price point.

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Anaren Subsidiary: MS Kennedy Multi-Chip Modules

MSKM.S. Kennedy Corp. is a longstanding and highly reputable provider of high-performance analog microelectronics solutions for the defense, satellite, and aerospace markets. Located in Liverpool, NY (not far from Anaren's East Syracuse headquarters), MSK is now part of Anaren's Space & Defense Group, where the company has expanded our capabilities in the active microwave assembly area demanded by our customers -- even as it continues to supply its own well-established customer base.

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Unicircuit High-Density, High-Reliability PCB Solutions

UnicircuitUnicircuit, Inc. Unicircuit, Inc. is a leading provider of high-complexity, high-reliablity PCBs for defense, aerospace, commercial, and research applications the world over. In the defense/aerospace segments in particular, Unicircuit solutions are deployed in a multitude of Land, Air, Sea and Space high reliability applications, such as Search & Rescue, Sensors, Phased Array Radars, AESA Radars, Space Based Radars, Beam Forming Networks, Transmit / Receive Integrated Microwave Modules, Weaponry, Tactical Systems, Reconnaissance Satellites and Secured Communications.

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Tough Resistive Components

ResistiveComponentsWhether you’re designing equipment to protect or equip free-world warfighters – or medical equipment on which someone’s life depends – you and they can count on the uncompromising quality and performance of Anaren’s military- and instrumentation-grade resistive components. Designed by engineers, constructed in our ISO-registered ceramics plant, and proven again and again in the toughest applications – our family of terminations, resistors, and attenuators addresses your needs.

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Anaren Custom RF Solutions for Space & Defense Applications

CustomRF-solutionsThe world’s leading defense and aerospace primes and subcontractors count on the Anaren Space & Defense Group’s complex softboard- and ceramic-based RF assemblies, sub-assemblies, packaging, and family of standard mil-Spec components. (The Group is comprised of Anaren Microwave (Syracuse, NY); MS Kennedy (Liverpool, NY); and Unicircuit (Littleton, CO.)

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Low-Cost Wireless Resistive Components

WirelessResistiveComponentsDesigned with today’s higher-power, more compact commercial wireless equipment systems in mind – yet leveraging unique product designs and manufacturing techniques to achieve unmatched pricing advantages in high volume applications – this family of parts is a must-have where performance and price must share the top slot on your list of priorities.

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Xinger®-III Brand Passive RF Components

Xinger�®-III Brand Passive RF Components

The Xinger®-III brand family of surface-mount hybrid and directional couplers are an innovation-driven reinvention of the SMT RF coupler and are designed especially for today’s higher-power, more compact, and hotter-running equipment. Inch for inch and W for W, the Xinger-III family offers the highest performance of any softboard coupler on the market.

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Cased and Caseless Passive RF Components

TraditionalPassiveRFcomponentsHigh performance, durable package & proven reliability… that’s Anaren’s traditional cased and caseless component line-up. Anaren continues to offer its traditional, aluminum-cased and caseless components in order to provide our customers worldwide optimum design flexibility for wireless and defense applications.

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Subminiature Passive RF Components

UntitledAnaren’s line-up of high-performance, subminiature RF/microwave components for today’s more compact wireless equipment and wireless consumer electronics applications offers you a wide array of advantages... chief among them are the company's proven Xinger®-brand, multilayer stripline design and packaging.

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