UntitledXinger®-brand subminiature passive RF components for wireless infrastructure & consumer electronics applications

Tiny footprint. Low profile. Big performance. No brainer… Introducing Xinger®-brand subminiature passive RF components. From Anaren.

Anaren’s line-up of high-performance, subminiature microwave/RF components for today’s more compact wireless equipment and wireless consumer electronics applications offers you a wide array of advantages... chief among them our proven Xinger®-brand, multilayer stripline design and packaging.

>Wide range of products – choose from baluns, couplers, power dividers, and RF crossovers suitable for a wide range of wireless infrastructure duties (e.g.: analog-to-digital conversion, pre-distortion, and receivers, transceivers, and low-power amplifiers) – or any number of wireless consumer electronics.

> Minimized footprints (0404, 0603, 0805) – open up valuable PCB space, allowing you to add functionality or leave extra space between components.

> Ultra-low profile – is literally a better fit for today’s more compact based station equipment, handsets, handhelds, laptops, Bluetooth® and other devices.

> Suitability for popular infrastructure and consumer electronics bands and protocols: WiFi WiMax Bluetooth® 802.11a, b, g ZigBee UWB DVB-T, H, C, S, RFID, DECT, GSM, GPS, PCS, DCS 3G & 4G, LTE, among others.

> Packaged on tape and real for easy automation.

> RoHS and REACH compliance to help you meet your environment-friendly specs.

> Superior support – including free samples and test boards for prototyping, ‘real person’ access to technical and engineering support, quick access to quotes and in-stock inventories through our authorized distributors.

To learn more about Anaren’s Xinger-brand subminiature components – email, call, or visit our website today for samples, a quote, or applications assistance.

Larger-format, higher-power SMT components – offered with Xinger, Xinger-II, and Xinger-III style packaging -- are also available for wireless infrastructure applications. Learn more at www.anaren.com