Traditional cased and caseless passive RF components

High performance, durable package & proven reliability… That’s Anaren’s traditional cased and caseless component line-up. Ever a leader in the passive RF components category, Anaren continues to offer its traditional, aluminum-cased and caseless components in order to provide our customers worldwide optimum design flexibility for wireless and defense applications. Choose these Anaren 'classics' when ruggedness, cost-efficiency, performance are key to your application... and utilizing a connectorized solution remains preferable to surface-mount technology.

Product lines within this family of Anaren components include the following:

180° Hybrids, cased

Directionals, In-line, cased

Modulators, Single Sideband

90° Hybrids, cased

Mixers Balanced OrthoQuad

Phase Discriminators, cased

90° Hybrids, Hi-pwr, no case

Mixers Image Rejection

Power Dividers, 4-way

90° Hybrids, no case

Mixers Quadrature IF

Power Dividers, 2-way

Combiners/Dividers, no case

Mixers, Double Balanced

Power Dividers, 3-way

Directionals, H-style, cased

Modulators, Balanced

Power Dividers, 8-way

Looking for a surface-mount passive RF solution? You owe it to yourself to check out Anaren’s popular Xinger, Xinger-II, and Xinger-III brand components for wireless infrastructure, consumer electronics, and select defense applications. Learn more at