XingerÃ?®-III Brand Passive RF ComponentsXinger®-III brand passive RF components for wireless infrastructure applications

Say hello to the 3rd generation version of still-popular Xinger® and Xinger®-II

Introducing the Xinger®-III brand family of surface-mount hybrid and directional couplers, our latest, innovation-driven reinvention of the SMT RF coupler – and designed especially for today’s higher-power, more compact, and hotter-running equipment.

Matter of fact, inch for inch, watt for watt, the Xinger-III family offers the highest performance of any softboard coupler on the market... even when compared to similarly sized members of our own category-leading, Xinger-II family.

> Xinger-III hybrids offer up to 5.35 times the power-handling ability; 52-66% lower insertion loss (down to 0.12dB); 25-28% higher isolation; and 63-71% better amplitude balance.

> Xinger-III directionals offer 37-64% lower insertion loss (down to 0.05dB); same directivity; and 50% higher power handling at 1/4 the size.

Best of all, Xinger-III technology now makes softboard THE best alternative for all power levels, including very high-power applications over 200W. Xinger-III components are RoHS and REACH compliant. And because our CTE characteristics match those of your board (unlike ceramic couplers!), you don't have to worry about CTE mismatch and solder joint cracking that can result with ceramic coupler implementations.

Interested in leveraging Xinger-III brand SMT softboard couplers from the company who invented the category? Email, call, or visit our websitetoday for samples, a quote, or applications assistance.

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