UnicircuitUnicircuit, Inc. Unicircuit, Inc. is a leading provider of high-complexity, high-reliablity PCBs for defense, aerospace, commercial, and research applications the world over. In the defense/aerospace segments in particular, Unicircuit solutions are deployed in a multitude of Land, Air, Sea and Space high reliability applications, such as Search & Rescue, Sensors, Phased Array Radars, AESA Radars, Space Based Radars, Beam Forming Networks, Transmit / Receive Integrated Microwave Modules, Weaponry, Tactical Systems, Reconnaissance Satellites and Secured Communications.

Unicircuit has extensive specialized manufacturing solutions for CTE Constrainment and Thermally challenged designs /applications, Extreme / Unique HDI structures, and RF Manifolds. And our ability to provide application specific products is enabled by the following, in-house manufacturing infrastructure and capabilities:

  • Licensed fabricator for Stablcor
  • Ormet Conductive Materials and Core to Core bonding
  • FEP and Fusion bonding
  • Embedded Components (i.e. resistors, garnets, circulators, ferrites)
  • RF Connector Attachment
  • LDI (Laser Direct Imaging)
  • YAG Laser Etching
  • Laser Sculpting / Profiling
  • Active Cavity
  • Composite / Hybrid Packages

Unicircuit’s certifications to Mil-PRF-31032, Mil-P-55110, AS9100 Rev B (NADCAP approach is defined) are a testament to our unwavering commitment to our military customers, the warfighter, and ultimately our nation’s defense.