AnarenCeramicsAnaren Ceramic substrates, circuits, and standard components… When reliability is a must.

Established as Anaren Ceramicsin 2001 -- and formed from two renowned ceramics innovators (Amitron and RF Power) -- we have over 20 years  of experience with LTCC, thick film, and standard resistive component manufacturing for the military, wireless communications, medical device, and consumer electronics sectors. Specializing in the fabrication of extremely tight-tolerance and high reliability circuits -- and working in concert with our sister companies (Anaren Microwave for RF/microwave expertise, MS Kennedy for microelectronics know-how, and Anaren Communications in Suzhou China for cost-competitive manufacturing) -- Anaren Ceramics brings deep engineering expertise, innovative thinking, and world-class infrastructure to your project. To learn more about particular areas of expertise, see the areas below. Or download our Ceramic Design Guideand/or facility overview.)

> Anaren Precision Etched Ceramic Substrates (APECS)
APECS means tighter tolerances & lower costs. Using the DuPont Fodel® process as a base technology, Anaren Ceramics’ precision thick film technology (better known as APECS) pushes thick film technology to a best-in-class position from which we can meet or exceed thin film tolerances -- at a far more affordable price point. Click here to learn more

> Thick Film
Anaren Ceramics offers proven thick film experience and a deep capability set, to support customers in the defense, advanced medical, and wireless infrastructure markets. Whether your priority is tight tolerances, design flexibility, a range of material choices, cost containment -- or "all the above" -- we have the know-how, experience, equipment, and service orientation to deliver on spec, on time, and on budget. To learn more, download our Ceramics Design Guide.

Whether your project requires a high-density LTCC circuit with embedded components or a complete Intergrated Microwave Assembly -- Anaren Ceramics stands ready to make your vision a reality with an exacting build-to-print or custom-engineered solution. CTo learn more, see our  Ceramics Design Guide.

> Standard Resitive Components
Anaren Ceramics has a 30+ year, proven legacy as a provider of top-quality, high-reliability terminations, resistors, and attenuators for military/instrumentation applications -- and high-frequency contexts. To learn more, click here.