MSKM.S. Kennedy Corp. is a longstanding and highly reputable provider of high-performance analog microelectronics solutions for the defense, satellite, and aerospace markets. Located in Liverpool, NY (not far from Anaren's East Syracuse headquarters), MSK is now part of Anaren's Space & Defense Group, where the company has expanded our capabilities in the active microwave assembly area demanded by our customers -- even as it continues to supply its own well-established customer base.

Technologies include:

Video Amplifiers
MSK offers a broad range of high performance video amplifier products. These amplifiers have high voltage capability, very high slew rates and, in some cases, high output current for use in Piezo Electric drives, electrostatic or electro-magnetic deflection and CRT cathode drives.

Motor Controls
MSK offers a large selection of high performance parts for driving or controlling motors. From simple, compact bridges to complete brushless DC torque amplifiers.
> Output Current from 5 Amps to 800 Amps Supply Voltage Range from
   55 Volts to 1200 Volts
> Both Hermetic and Plastic Encapsulated Modules (PEM) available
> Fully Isolated Versions Available

Power PEMs
After investing years in research and development, MSK has become one of the preeminent suppliers of high power encapsulated modules for use in harsh or extreme environments.
> Some models include light-weight, high strength Aluminum Silicon
   Carbide (AlSiC) base plates that stay flat and won't warp like copper.
> Rugged materials and construction techniques allow some models to survive HAST and Thermal Cycling from -55° C to 125° C.

Linear Regulators
MSK offers a wide variety of high current, low dropout Linear Voltage Regulators for Hi-Rel and severe environment applications:
> Output Current from 1.5 Amps to 20 Amp.s
> Output Voltages down to 0.1 Volts.
> Hermetic and Surface Mount versions available.
> Radiation Hardened (RH suffix) parts available

Industry standard footprints are available as well as Industrial, Hi-Rel, and Military level screening.

DC-DC Converters
MSK DC-DC Converters are hermetic, high reliability devices aimed at Military, Space and other severe environment applications.
> -55° C to 125° C Operating Temp Range
> Some available on Standard Microcircuit Drawings
> Extensive use of Surface Mount Magnetics - no hand soldering

MSK offers the highest performance operational amplifier products available:
> Amplifier Output Voltage up to 180 Volts
> Output Current up to 15 Amps
> Slew Rate up to 6000 Volts per Microsecond
> Available in Industrial, Military, and Space quality levels in most cases
> Many available on Standard Microcircuit Drawings
> Radiation Hardened (RH Suffix) parts available

Switching Regulators
For Point of Load (POL) applications, MSK has created the first hermetic, hi-rel switching regulators product line. Offering high efficiency, high output current, wide input voltage range, and output voltages as low as 1.2 Volts, the MSK Switching Regulators product line allows circuit designers to power most of today's complex digital processors, FPGA's, and similar systems.
> Efficiency up to 95%
> Output Current up to 8 Amps
> Input Voltage Range from 5 to 80 Volts
> Fixed Output Voltages from 7 to 1.2 Volts, as adjustable versions

RAD Hard Solutions
MSK earned its certification to Class K of MIL-PRF-38534 in 1997 and has become a major supplier of both custom and standard microelectronic components to the space industry. MSK has designed and manufactured thousands of complex custom hybrid microcircuits that are currently in orbit on both commercial and military satellites, as well as being on the International Space Station, space shuttle, and various launch vehicles. Our standard product offerings for space flight continues to expand, currently consisting of power operational amplifiers, power supply related components, and motor controls. (Note: MS Kennedy is radiation-certified by DSCC to MIL-PRF-38534 Appendix G)