Anaren Inc. announced, in unison with CSR, it has achieved a design win on CSR’s UniFi UF1050 b&g Wi-Fi chipset; optimized for the CSR application, the matched-balun approach results in a solution boasting 65 percent fewer discrete components even as it saves additional board space. Anaren’s “0404” balun was selected for its small form factor, easy implementation and significant performance improvement relative to ceramic-based solutions. With the new design, Anaren and CSR expect to seize opportunities in the global handset community where size is of paramount concern.

“CSR chose Anaren’s 0404 products and collaborated on this implementation in order to directly address the mobile phone, ultra mobile device and PC markets,” said Richard Edgar, CSR’s marketing manager for the Wi-Fi Strategic Business Unit. “Many of our potential customers are driven entirely by ‘function per square mm’ -- and Anaren’s matched-balun approach affords these customers a more elegant implementation and simpler bill of materials, while still delivering real estate savings.”

Anaren’s “0404” balun is part of Anaren’s fast-expanding family of consumer-electronics sized softboard solutions, which includes 0404, 0603 and 0805 baluns, couplers, power dividers and RF crossovers. As with all standard components from Anaren, “0404” baluns are backed by the Anaren-exclusive 100 percent On-Spec™ guarantee and B-There™ service commitment that ensures on-time delivery. Samples are available within 24 hours for qualified prototype work.