Anaren Inc. announced that it has launched a new line of low-cost resistive components designed specifically for commercial wireless bands such as GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE, and popular narrow bands between DC to 6 GHz. The line of SMD, chip, flanged and flangeless components also offers compact packaging (as small as 0.05" x 0.1"), RoHS-compliant materials, and electrical performance advantages like high-power handling (up to 250 W) and low return loss that are so important to next-gen base station equipment providers.

With the new line, Anaren is moving from a resistive components offering that caters to all potential markets -- in order to focus on delivering design, performance and cost advantages specific to the commercial wireless, high volume/low cost segment. In the meantime, Anaren's legacy resistive parts still popular for military and instrumentation applications will remain in full production.

"For this new generation of 'wireless' resistive parts, we basically went back to the drawing board to design a smaller, higher-performing family of components better suited for today's hotter-running, higher-performance wireless applications," said Bo Jensen, the Product Line Manager responsible for the new line within Anaren's Wireless Group. "In the process, we engaged our customers on the subject of pricing, and, in response, saw this redesign as an opportunity to also drive cost out of the equation through innovative use of materials, procurement choices, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques."

The result, says Jensen, is a product line that strikes "a balance of both performance and cost considerations."