WIN Semiconductors Corp has expanded its portfolio of RF GaN technologies with the release of a new GaN on SiC 0.12 μm-gate technology. The NP12-01 mmWave compound semiconductor technology provides increased gain and improved transistor stability factor. The NP12-01 technology is ideal for the high-power amplifiers used in 5G mmWave radio access networks, satellite communications and radar systems.

Supporting full MMICs, the NP12-01 platform allows customers to develop compact linear or saturated power amplifiers up to 50 GHz. This process is qualified for 28 V operation, and in the 29 GHz band, generates saturated output power over 4 W/mm with 13.5 dB linear gain and nearly 50 percent efficiency. When optimized for power-added efficiency, NP12-01 provides over 3.5 W/mm output power and greater than 50 percent PAE at 29 GHz.

Higher gain and power-added efficiency provided by the NP15-01 platform affords designers a larger trade-space to optimize amplifier performance and chip size to meet increasingly difficult specifications of current generation communication platforms and radar systems. Depending on the function, these high-performance applications require precise optimization of output power, linearity, gain and efficiency and a broad trade-space is crucial to balance amplifier performance and product cost.

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