WIN Semiconductors Corp. announced the commercial release of a 50 V 0.25 µm-gate RF GaN platform, NP25-20 and targets high performance front-end applications including radio access networks, satellite communications, electronic warfare and radar systems. The NP25-20 technology supports full MMICs enabling WIN customers to design compact, linear or saturated high power amplifiers, rugged low noise amplifiers and single chip front-end solutions through 18 GHz.

The NP25-20 GaN technology employs a source-coupled field plate for improved breakdown voltage and operates at a drain bias of 50 volts. This technology is fabricated on 100 mm silicon carbide substrates with through-wafer vias for low inductance grounding. At X-Band, NP25-20 demonstrates excellent transmit and receive performance with saturated output power of 10 watts/mm,18 dB linear gain and 60 percent power-added efficiency. When biased for noise performance at 10 GHz, NP25-20 provides minimum noise figure of 0.8 dB with 12 dB associated gain. The combination of power density and superb noise figure from NP25-20 enables high performance single chip front ends without sacrificing transmit power or receiver sensitivity.

“The performance versatility of NP25-20 is unique for RF gallium nitride technology. A GaN MMIC platform with 10 W/mm output power alone is an achievement. Combining surprising noise performance with high-power switching in the same device creates a new toolset for customers to commercialize market leading products for a wide range of applications,” said David Danzilio, senior vice president of WIN Semiconductors Corp.

WIN Semiconductors Corp. will be showcasing its compound semiconductor RF and mmWave solutions in booth 235 at IMS2023.