Amphenol RF adds versatility to the board-to-board focused PSMP line

Amphenol RF introduced an expansion to its new PSMP interface. Building upon the flexibility of PSMP board-to-board designs, four new PSMP cable connectors are now available. These connectors are designed for 0.141-inch and 0.86-inch diameter semi-rigid and conformable cables, providing engineers with choices beyond the current board to board options for this versatile interface.

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New SMA stainless steel connectors and cable assemblies with anti-torque feature

Amphenol RF is pleased to introduce anti-torque stainless steel connectors and cable assemblies to their expanding SMA product family. The new SMA connectors feature anti-torque bodies, which allow the user to hold the body with one wrench while simultaneously torqueing down the coupling nut to its mating connector with another. This helps to keep the entire assembly from twisting, thereby preventing damage to both the cable and the connector during installation.

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New Amphenol RF connectors optimized for use with low loss cables

Amphenol RF is pleased to introduce new and improved SMA and N-Type coaxial connectors that have been optimized for low loss cables. Low loss cables incorporate additional shielding in the form of a bonded foil conductor, which helps to improve grounding. Low Loss cables and the newly optimized connectors are matched to 50 ohm impedance, allowing for maximum and reliable signal transfer.

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