Amphenol RF introduced an expansion to its new PSMP interface. Building upon the flexibility of PSMP board-to-board designs, four new PSMP cable connectors are now available. These connectors are designed for 0.141-inch and 0.86-inch diameter semi-rigid and conformable cables, providing engineers with choices beyond the current board to board options for this versatile interface.

PSMP cable plugs are designed to operate in high power applications up to 200 W at frequencies of 2.2 GHz. PSMP connectors have a mating style similar to the SMP interface, and feature gold plated female center contacts and beryllium copper outer contacts plated in white bronze. These materials and finishes ensure a secure mechanical fit and optimize electrical performance.

PSMP interconnects are suitable for a wide range of applications including base stations, filter units, amplifiers, handheld radios, and testing and measurement equipment.