Amphenol RF is proud to introduce an expansion to its line of MCX interconnects. Recognized for their small package size and dependable performance, MCX connectors are a popular choice among engineers and application designers.

The extended line of PCB jacks are available in straight, right-angle, or edge-mount configurations, with options for surface or through-hole mounting. All parts are efficiently manufactured from machined brass, and plated gold or tin for solderability. Center contacts are made from beryllium copper, and are gold plated.

[Part Numbers: 919-382J-51P, 919-383J-51A, 919-384-51P, 919-385J-51S]

The new MCX cable plugs, economically designed for RG-178 (RG-196) and RG-174 (RG-188, RG-316) type cables, are available in both straight and right-angle configurations. Connector housings are made from machined brass, with beryllium copper outer contacts for secure mating. Housings and ferrules are nickel plated for durability, with outer and center contacts plated gold for maximum electrical performance.

[Part Numbers: 919-386P-51S, 919-387P-51A, 919-388P-51S, 919-389P-51A]

These 50 ohm MCX connectors from Amphenol RF are designed to perform at frequencies up to 6 GHz, with VSWR being 1.10 (max) at 2.5 GHz, measured for right-angle configurations. The MCX, with slide-on coupling mechanism interface, and can be found in many applications including GPS equipment, instrumentation and measurement, handheld radio, and wireless network equipment.