Creowave Launches a High Class Diplexer Family

Creowave announced that it has extended its filter collection with high class low PIM diplexers and will launch them to the audience at the European Microwave Week 2011 in Manchester, UK. Creowave is exhibiting in booth 222. "I am more than delighted to announce that our low PIM diplexer...
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Creowave Extends its Filter Collection

Creowave will present a number of diverse test filters at the European Microwave Week 2011 held this year between 11th and 13th October in Manchester, UK. A provider of RF/microwave electronic solutions for extreme environments, Creowave will exhibit in Booth 222. The radio testing business unit offers a variety...
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Creowave Launches Low PIM Filters

Creowave is extending its filter collection with high-class low PIM filters at European Microwave Week 2010, held in Paris, France, between 26th September and 1st October. "I am very delighted to launch the low PIM filters at the event. I am very proud of our achievements because we have...
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