Creowave is extending its filter collection with high-class low PIM filters at European Microwave Week 2010, held in Paris, France, between 26th September and 1st October.

"I am very delighted to launch the low PIM filters at the event. I am very proud of our achievements because we have taken remarkable development steps recently and the low PIM filters are the result of this hard work," said Creowave CEO, Jyrki Koski.

The low PIM filters are an expected and needed extension to the range of filters because the increased number of bands have highlighted the importance of IM level of base stations. When the IM performance of base stations is measured it is very important to make sure that the IM results of test systems are not measured. For these needs, Creowave Oy has developed low PIM filtering solutions that allow the measurement of the actual performance of the base stations, concluded Koski.

Creowave is a leading company in providing radio frequency and microwave electronics solutions for extreme environments. The business area of Radio Testing provides radio testing and filtering solutions for the telecommunications industry. The range of filters consist of diplexers/duplexers, band stop filters, bandpass filters and high pass filters. In addition to radio testing, the company operates worldwide within the business areas of professional radio and industrial measurement.