Creowave announced that it has extended its filter collection with high class low PIM diplexers and will launch them to the audience at the European Microwave Week 2011 in Manchester, UK. Creowave is exhibiting in booth 222.

"I am more than delighted to announce that our low PIM diplexer IM performance is up to -160 dBc and of the highest quality customer can get from filter markets," said CEO of Creowave, Jyrki Koski. "I am very pleased and proud of our achievements, we have taken remarkable development steps during the years and these low PIM diplexers are one of the results of this hard work."

Creowave is a leading company in providing RF and microwave electronics solutions for extreme environments. The business area of radio testing provides radio testing and filtering solutions for telecommunications industry. The range of filters consists of diplexers/duplexers, bandstop filters, bandpass filters, highpass filters as well as notch filters.

In addition to radio testing, the company operates worldwide also within the business areas of professional radio and industrial measurement. The low PIM diplex filters are an expected and long-needed extension to the wide range of filters Creowave already offers.