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State-of-Technology Update On GRIN/Luneburg Dielectric Lenses/Antennas for Microwave/mmWave Applications

GRIN dielectric lenses/antennas have been a hot topic of research for virtually every microwave/mmWave application, from military/defense, aerospace/space, to commercial telecommunications. There have even been several companies, products, and government/DoD grants using GRIN dielectric lens/antenna technology. This article provides some discussion around recent research (since 2018) on GRIN dielectric lenses/antennas, and an overview of GRIN dielectric lenses/antennas being deployed or intended for practical use.

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Automotive Radar Startups 2021

Automotive radar startups review 2021

Back in 2017, we had seven companies in the review. Not to say there were just seven startups on the market, but there were just seven that disclosed enough about their approach. One of the startups decided not to continue with the development, and another two have changed their focus. But the rest four of them are still here and show a good pace! Now see how many are in development.

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