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European Microwave Exhibition 2008

The following list is complete at the time of going to press. ABF Elettronica SRL — 1015 ACAL Technology — 205 Acceleware Corp. — 1011 Actipass Co. Ltd. — 1215 Advanced Control Components Inc. — 1203 Advantage Business Media — PubCorner Aeroflex — 514 AFT Microwave GmbH — 1416...
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An Innovative And Integrated Approach to III-V Circuit Design

In wireless handset design, specifically power amplifiers (PA), there is constant pressure to improve time-to-market while maintaining high yields. To meet these demands, designers need to evaluate current design practices and identify areas for improvement. Presently, most PA designers spend a great deal of time bench-tuning to optimize circuits....
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Antenna Passive Repeaters For Indoor Recovery of Microwave Cellular Signals

The use of passive repeaters for mobile communications is often discarded because of the inherent losses that these systems introduce. However, the radio signal coverage of indoor areas poses a particularly complex problem in buildings with heavily reinforced concrete walls and shielded or underground infrastructure, which introduce great attenuation....
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Constant Efficiency Achievement With Switched Gain Stage And Drain Supply Adjustment For A UHF Power Amplifier

In two-way radio applications, achieving constant efficiency across a wide power level is an important design criterion to be considered. Constant efficiency in this context refers to efficiency improvement at low power level while maintaining high efficiency at high power level. Switched gain stage and drain supply adjustment methods...
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