Anritsu Co. introduces the VectorStar™ ME7838E Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) broadband system that provides frequency coverage of 70 kHz to 110 GHz in a single connection. Incorporating all the benefits of the VectorStar ME7838 series broadband system, including compact millimeter (mm-wave) modules, best-in-class stability and dynamic range, and fastest measurement speeds, the ME7838E addresses the challenges associated with today’s high-speed device characterization.

 Hybrid VNA Architecture

Unique VNA architecture is used in the VectorStar ME7838E broadband system to overcome the inherent limitations of traditional broadband systems, so engineers can create improved models for highly accurate characterization of devices. The design of the VectorStar ME7838E 110 GHz frequency extension modules eliminates the need for MUX combiners and reduces thermal variations. Additionally, by using RF bridges as well as microwave couplers that share a common IF path and fully synthesized source in the base VNA, the VectorStar ME7838E broadband system provides extremely wide frequency coverage from near-DC to 110 GHz.

 The innovative design also produces best-in-class performance, which is necessary for today’s high-speed on-wafer applications. Removing the need for a MUX combiner results in true directivity, helping achieve improved measurement stability of 0.1 dB over 24 hours. This also reduces the number of necessary calibrations for increased throughput and productivity as well as lowers cost-of-test.

 Excellent dynamic range of 109 dB at 110 GHz is achieved with the VectorStar ME7838E without the need for large amplification due to the integration of Non-Linear Transmission Line (NLTL) harmonic samplers. Incorporating NLTL technology offers a higher comb frequency with less drop-off at higher frequencies.

 Compact mm-wave Modules

Best-in-class performance is also achieved because the VectorStar ME7838E utilizes miniature integrated mm-wave modules that are smaller and lighter than traditional alternatives. The compact module may be directly connected to wafer probe tips using low-cost positioners, thereby eliminating the need for 1-mm test port cables, further contributing to the industry-best calibration and measurement stability. Overall, the VectorStar ME7838E provides greater measurement confidence, resulting in more accurate models and fewer design turns.