ME7838AvnaThe VectorStar Broadband ME7838A system begins a new era in broadband characterization offering many advances in broadband performance including:
     1. Industry-best broadband frequency coverage - starts at 70 kHz instead of 10 MHz and operational from 40 kHz to 125 GHz.
     2. Industry-best dynamic range: 108 dB vs 83 dB at 65 GHz and 107 dB vs 87 dB at 110 GHz.
     3. Industry-best measurement speed: 55 ms vs 500 ms for 201 pts.
     4. Industry-best calibration and measurement stability: 0.1 dB vs 0.6 dB over 24 hrs.
     5. Compact, lightweight mmWave modules for easy, precise, and economical positioning on the wafer probe station - 0.6 vs 7.6 lb and 1/50 the volume.


The ME7838A takes full advantage of the VectorStar's superior performance:
     • The first millimeter-wave system with stable real time leveling of power without the need for calibration software correction tables.
     • The broadband system may be configured to include a full range of banded millimeter-wave modules extending the frequency range to 750 GHz and beyond.
     • Upgrade paths available to expand VectorStar MS464xA VNAs to the broadband performance of ME7838A

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